15. February 2018 - 20:00
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Does7: Phil Minton + Audrey Chen duo / HMN / id m theft able | The Apohadion Theater | Thursday, 15. February 2018

Does 7

Audrey Chen + Phil Minton
= (vocal improv legends from Berlin and London)

HMN (secret identity to be revealed later)
= (reeds, space, electronics, from Norway)

id m theft able
= (local spigot, Windham Maine)

The Does are a series of shows featuring primarily experimental/free improv/noise/sound art/performance art/***/et c./et c. booked and curated by id m theft able in and around Portland, Maine. To get in touch about booking or to join the mailing list, contact yngxga@gmail.com


With primary focus on the interplay between the uttered sounds of the mouth and vocal chords, Minton and Chen plumb the depths of their most inherent and bodily instruments. Their improvisations are fearless, fragile, hungry, passionate, riotous, ululating and animalistic, yet are also in all respects, human. They express, pronounce and intensely articulate (in their fashion) the many nuanced shades of their individual and collaborative conditions.

".......For those two voices interpenetrate to produce a more complex song. It’s a single voice branching out. Here, what the voice produces is actually what singing has not explored, what has been left behind as something impure or non-complying. Something similar can be brightly heard in Scelsi’s vocal pieces. There is also a similarity with the complex vocal works (the logatomes) Léo Kupper extensively produced in the mid-‘60s. At times, the music seems to lead us to a meaning that is deeper than the textual level. Or is it the depth of another possible song? That’s when the music takes us to areas that seem closer to the sacred, left untouched by mediation, even slightly incomprehensible, though mostly ambivalent and reality-piercing. Both voices in interaction, perpetually urging the other on, producing more than their simple addition, producing a third voice – like a semi-autonomous organism – very difficult to explain how – why – as if what had been mostly deeply burrowed was surfacing. An UR-song, like Schwitters’ UR-sonate. Something basal – though from an uncharted base. Music that should be listened to before one even perceives the slightest melody. An infra-song that encompasses everything including the comical, the grotesque, the exacerbation of a mood, and the extreme pain that obscurely lives inside all of us. Everything comes up effortlessly....." ---- Guy -Marc Hinant (Subrosa Editions)

Chen and Minton have been performing as a duo for more than a decade with concerts/tours across Europe, China, Argentina and Brazil. Their duo album, By the Stream, was released by SUBROSA in 2013.

HMN - acoustic and amplified trombone.
Born in Trondheim, Norway, HMN chose the trombone and began playing in the local marching band at the
age of seven. Not really knowing what he signed up for, twenty some years later he is still wrestling with the
instrument, using its crudeness as a creative challenge and vehicle to unearth it's seemingly limitless
possibilities. Utilizing a wide spectrum of playing techniques, from pure long tones to noise and the almost
inaudible, he often works balancing the intuitive with the precisely constructed.
Since 2007, HMN has worked extensively with solo material. His first record (“SOLO”, 2011) contained
imaginary and widely different free form improvisations, while his second solo release (“Melting into
foreground”, 2015) was more of a compositional work, focusing on the inner energy of sound and the tension
between empty and filled spaces. In his current set up, HMN is utilizing heavy close amplification alongside
acoustic elements, producing a multi-faceted body of sound.
Having toured actively since 2010, he has played at venues and festivals all over Europe, as well as in
Russia, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Brazil and Argentina. His working projects include:
the amplified voice and trombone duo BEAM SPLITTER with Audrey Chen, a duo with Austrian sound
artist Daniel Lercher and a **** with drummer Raymond Strid and bassist Nina de Heney.