03. January 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Maine's Ganja Girl Gang: Show & Tell (Continued) | Enlighten Up Wellness Center | Wednesday, 03. January 2018

Join us for Ganja Girl Gang's 5th Portland meeting!

December's meeting was a great success, with a ton of new ganja grrrls in attendance! We started the "Show & Tell" segment and we barely got through half the room when it was already time to go, so we've decided to extend this to the next meeting so everyone can have a chance to talk about themselves and what they're doing or enjoying with cannabis.

What: Show & Tell! Bring in the products you're loving, or working on, the flowers you grew, the concentrates you you want to share with a bunch of grrrls who only want to see you soar!

We will have some Maine Ganja Grrrl Gang limited edition pins, keychains, magnets, and mirrors available for a small contribution to the organization! And we've almost reached the minimum for the t-shirt orders. Thank you for everyone who has made a contribution to our organization, it will help us all grow and have fun together!

Be on the lookout for the Ganja Grrrl Gang affiliated events outside of the monthly meetings! To be in the know of such events, you gotta come to a meeting and get a personal invitation, so what are you waiting for??

Don't forget to roll a j, pack your rig, or bring your vapes to the next meeting! We are 420 friendly! :)

Until then, stay fierce!