03. November 2017 - 20:00
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Open Heart Mic #3 | Awakenings Wellness Center | Friday, 03. November 2017

O ♥ M, Season 5 is here! Let's gather again at Awakenings Wellness Center Studio during the Darkest Fridays of the year! We will do this 5 times over the coming season so you'll have lots of opportunities to sign up, or simply attend.

♥ What makes this event special is the adoring audience that shows up and really pays attention. In turn, the performers come prepared to share from their hearts and be loved!

♥ We never know what folks will share at Open Heart Mic! Performances can range from deeply moving to side-splittingly hilarious. Being offered in an intimate setting generates a powerful relationship between the performers and the audience.

♥To get ON THE LIST to perform, requests must be sent by email to: openheartmic@gmail.com. Feel free to request ahead for any month that you desire! Remember that the list is usually filled by the night of the event.

♥ Bring your Friends! Snuggle seating available! This Event is intended to be semi-private (for Portland ecstatic dancers and their friends) to maintain the cozy container that we're capable of creating. Thank you for imparting this to any friends you invite.

♥No one turned away ♥ Adults Only Please.♥ Donations of $5-$10 are appreciated.♥ Snacks are encouraged.♥ Contribute what you can to support this ongoing offering.

Your Happy Host,
E. Joy Zarek
  • It's getting pretty ICY in the Mountains where I am! As it gets Colder, let's get Cozier! I'm whittling-down the LIST a little for #3, so get your requests to me SOON, k? <3 E. Joy
  • We had such a sweet O <3 M last night! Thanks everyone for your participation! The next one will be in 2018 - can you believe it?! Please, PLEASE remember to send your requests to perform to: openheartmic@gmail.com ~ requests made on this page tend to get lost. (pass it along)
  • On a musical note, WXPN in Philadelphia is doing a neat A-Z through the 70s for a while. They're on the D's right now (playing an obscure Boz Scaggs song...) - if you want to take an interesting trip down musical memory lane... enjoy!
  • It's Full NOW! Just the LIST, tho - There's ALWAYS endless room in the Audience, right?
  • THIS FRIDAY is DEC. FIRST! The list is just about FULL! It's gonna be a GOOD ONE!
  • Yes I want to be on the list again:)
  • Anyone want to collaborate with a trumpet? lmk! The weirder the artistic vision, the merrier!
  • December First is sooner than you might think!
  • Another wonderful Open Heart Mic !!! Thank you all for sharing your Strength and Beauty! Please tag these brave souls!
  • YES! Great show everyone! What a wonderful gathering! Let's do it again SOON, k? Like December 1st - First Friday in Dec. Remember to email openheartmic@gmail.com to get ON THE LIST!
  • I had such a great time watching everyone perform last night! Can't wait to go to the next one :)
  • Had to help out a friend and couldnt make it this time hopefully you'll invite me to the next one :)
  • Feeling the urge to hibernate but if I make it out, is it okay to be late? How late are you going till?
  • Aloha dear ones i'm grateful to be sharing tonight my first time in front like this I know u are a kind open hearted loving group!!! Does anyone know how much time each speaker has to share?!! In gratitude and aloha moana
  • I'm sorry I'm not going to make it tonight. 😞 Hope to see everyone next month!
  • Looking so forward to being with everyone!!!
  • WOW! Over 100 Interested People! <3 IT! This will make for such a lovely audience come FRIDAY! The list is almost full - just a couple/few spots left. Excited to start the SEASON!
  • Just a little over a week away! There's room on the list, Folks! Send your request to: openheartmic@gmail.com and let's get you ON IT!
  • Why wait 'til November?! How about an Online Open Heart Mic? Thanks, Matthew Mathis for the prompt! This was a sweet opportunity for me to honor Tom Petty's music and also process the Evacuation I went through. "I'm not afraid!" <3 It's so EZ to make a quick video - who's next?
  • Yeah, glad you're doing this!