03. November 2017 - 20:00
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Open Heart Mic #5 - SKIT Night! | Awakenings Wellness Center | Friday, 03. November 2017

O ♥ M, Season 5 is here! Let's get cozy at Awakenings Wellness Center Studio every First Friday! We've added ONE MORE MIC to the line up! # 6 will happen on April 6th.


♥ What makes this event special is the adoring audience that shows up and really pays attention. In turn, the performers come prepared to share from their hearts and be loved!

♥ We never know what folks will share at Open Heart Mic! Performances can range from deeply moving to side-splittingly hilarious. Being offered in an intimate setting generates a powerful relationship between the performers and the audience.

♥To get ON THE LIST to perform, requests must be sent by email to: openheartmic@gmail.com. Feel free to request ahead for any month that you desire! Remember that the list is usually filled by the night of the event.

♥ Bring your Friends! Snuggle seating available!
♥ Adults Only Please.♥ Your donations of $5-$10 matter ♥No one turned away ♥ Snacks are encouraged.♥ Contribute what you can to support this ongoing offering.

Your Happy Host,
E. Joy Zarek