03. November 2017 - 20:00
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Open Heart Mic #5 - Skit ONLY! | Awakenings Wellness Center | Friday, 03. November 2017

O ♥ M, Season 5 is here! Let's get cozy at Awakenings Wellness Center Studio every First Friday! We've added ONE MORE MIC to the line up! # 6 will happen on April 6th.


♥ What makes this event special is the adoring audience that shows up and really pays attention. In turn, the performers come prepared to share from their hearts and be loved!

♥ We never know what folks will share at Open Heart Mic! Performances can range from deeply moving to side-splittingly hilarious. Being offered in an intimate setting generates a powerful relationship between the performers and the audience.

♥To get ON THE LIST to perform, requests must be sent by email to: openheartmic@gmail.com. Feel free to request ahead for any month that you desire! Remember that the list is usually filled by the night of the event.

♥ Bring your Friends! Snuggle seating available!
♥ Adults Only Please.♥ Your donations of $5-$10 matter ♥No one turned away ♥ Snacks are encouraged.♥ Contribute what you can to support this ongoing offering.

Your Happy Host,
E. Joy Zarek
  • Dear PERFORMERS: March's OPEN♥MIC will be SKIT ONLY! Get together with some folks and create a 7 - minute SKIT! There's room for 10 acts so get your request in to openheartmic@gmail.com SOON! Commit to the Skit! This is gonna be a really fun night!
  • Bring It. Something I learned at Burning Man over the years is the spirit of Bring It. What that means is that you come to events and life with a sense of bringing things and yourself in a way that will enhance the place/event you're going to. That will make it special. This could be bringing some delicious food or treats - or, it could mean practicing whatever you're doing that one extra time to make sure it's mighty fine. I've been trying to practice this for years, and I want to bring it :) To you. See you soon. Love, Albert Kaufman PS - if you haven't seen DANCE NAKED PRODUCTIONS! latest at Clinton Street Theater. There is one luscious show left on Valentine's - Go! To put you in the spirit.
  • It was a lovely night on Friday. I would love to see some of your beautiful faces at Tea & Tales next Sunday, February 11. The stories I'm telling will be Scheherazade of the Arabian Nights, Shakti Peeths or how the most sacred Shakti temples in India came from Shakti's body parts - as told to me by my Tantra teacher, Rashmi, who comes from a long Tantric family lineage, and an excerpt out of Ella Bandita. So come join us! I'm excited for this night! https://www.facebook.com/events/587923934873016/
  • Yep! we are FULL for February! <3 Let's make sure the audience is FULLFULLFULL! Please, everyone, arrive before Showtime at 8 - there were a lot of trickle-inners last time and it was so distracting...<3
  • Heads's UP, Portland Community! Our MARCH O <3 M will be SKIT ONLY! (Whaaaaa?) Yep - There will be 10 slots, 7 minutes each. Get together with some pals and SKIT IT UP!
  • Thanks Everyone for a Great #3! Our next O <3 M will be on Friday the 2nd of February! The LIST is already filling-up so get yourself ON IT by emailing E. Joy at openheartmic@gmail.com! Otherwise, Mark your Calendars and plan to help fill the Audience - it's gonna be a LOVE FEST!
  • That was so sweet! Thank you to all who performed and listened!!!
  • What an amazing and beautiful group of people! Thank you for welcoming me so lovingly! I can’t wait for the next one and I can’t wait to join you guys for dance on Wednesday at the muse den.
  • There were some requests for these 2 quotes from my offering tonight: “We fall mindlessly into the delusion that we can live a life of sincerity without vulnerability." “Love is fostering an exquisite sensitivity and benevolent concern for the needs and feelings of self and others, which blends the duality between heart and theory, soul and intellect.” Thank you for listening.
  • Anyone from the east side willing to give a ride? I am at 63/Glisan.
  • Here's Hoping that Everyone's <3 ing the Holidays! Have a Happy New Year and join us for our next O <3 M on Friday, Jan. 5th - there are spots left on the list, so send your email request to : openheartmic@gmail.com!
  • It's getting pretty ICY in the Mountains where I am! As it gets Colder, let's get Cozier! I'm whittling-down the LIST a little for #3, so get your requests to me SOON, k? <3 E. Joy
  • We had such a sweet O <3 M last night! Thanks everyone for your participation! The next one will be in 2018 - can you believe it?! Please, PLEASE remember to send your requests to perform to: openheartmic@gmail.com ~ requests made on this page tend to get lost. (pass it along)
  • On a musical note, WXPN in Philadelphia is doing a neat A-Z through the 70s for a while. They're on the D's right now (playing an obscure Boz Scaggs song...) - if you want to take an interesting trip down musical memory lane... enjoy!
  • It's Full NOW! Just the LIST, tho - There's ALWAYS endless room in the Audience, right?
  • THIS FRIDAY is DEC. FIRST! The list is just about FULL! It's gonna be a GOOD ONE!
  • Yes I want to be on the list again:)
  • Anyone want to collaborate with a trumpet? lmk! The weirder the artistic vision, the merrier!
  • December First is sooner than you might think!
  • Another wonderful Open Heart Mic !!! Thank you all for sharing your Strength and Beauty! Please tag these brave souls!
  • YES! Great show everyone! What a wonderful gathering! Let's do it again SOON, k? Like December 1st - First Friday in Dec. Remember to email openheartmic@gmail.com to get ON THE LIST!
  • I had such a great time watching everyone perform last night! Can't wait to go to the next one :)
  • Had to help out a friend and couldnt make it this time hopefully you'll invite me to the next one :)
  • Feeling the urge to hibernate but if I make it out, is it okay to be late? How late are you going till?
  • Aloha dear ones i'm grateful to be sharing tonight my first time in front like this I know u are a kind open hearted loving group!!! Does anyone know how much time each speaker has to share?!! In gratitude and aloha moana