01. February 2018 - 18:00
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Portland Winter Light Festival 2018 (free, all ages) | Portland Winter Light Festival | Thursday, 01. February 2018

Join us for the third year of the Portland Winter Light Festival. Theme: "The Light of Progress"

This festival is FREE, all ages, & takes place rain or shine!

In 2017 the festival hosted over 40,000 visitors, presented 75 installation artists, showcased 42 performers, and worked with over 180 volunteers to create one of Portland's most talked-about events. With your help, 2018 promises to shine even brighter!

Applications for Affiliate Site Events (for interested local businesses, neighborhood associations, etc) are still open.

To apply as an Affiliate or to donate, sponsor, or volunteer, visit our homepage at
  • Have you ever wanted to watch a dance in the dark? This el-wire-powered performance is for you! Cozy up at the World Trade Center Auditorium for Rainbow Dance Theatre's iLumiDance! All performances are free, all ages, and indoors!
  • Can the airplane fly to the North Pole?
  • Our fundraiser is burning brightly, thanks to your help! While admission to the festival is free, consider donating a few dollars in advance to help us prepare the best possible event for you.
  • [FREE ART] The 2018 PDXWLF isn't just along the waterfront -- we're working with artists + spaces all over the city. Through Friday, February 2, Littman + White Galleries at PSU hosts "Illuminated Wilderness: Memory" by Kindra Crick, an immersive LED experience designed to echo the imaginative wilderness of the brain. A must-see!
  • Long before the Portland Winter Light Festival started lighting up our city, the artists and makers of AFRU Gallery were keeping it weird with BYTE ME, their annual showcase of technological art. Make sure to RSVP & check out some truly futuristic electric dreams!
  • [VOLUNTEER SHIFTS OPEN] Phase 1 is ready. Link in comments! Sign up now for: Black Ops Green Team Survey Squad Info Team Lantern Parades & Ushering. Get ready to glow!
  • The Flamethrower Chandelier returns in 2018, thanks to a generous propane donation from our sponsors at AmeriGas!
  • [CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS/VIDEOGRAPHERS] The Portland Winter Light Festival is seeking a few volunteer photographers/videogaphers to be part of the press corps! If you're enthusiastic about light-based art, night photography, live performances, supporting the community, or any combination thereof, we'd love to hear from you! The press corps will be given closer access to artworks and will help to capture this year's unprecedented scope. Interested? Email press@pdxwlf.com. Please share with your friends!
  • [SUPPORT!] As always, the Portland Winter Light Festival is committed to being a family-friendly, inclusive, and FREE event. For 2018, we are bringing over 100 artists, performers, and creators from our region together to celebrate community and light. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, our success is 100% dependent on the generous support of our community. Your donation is tax deductible, and helps ensure that the festival will continue to thrill and inspire.
  • [VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY] Individual shifts will be announced soon! In the meantime, we're seeking leads for: Volunteer Check-In Lead Survey Squad Co-Lead Find complete descriptions & how to apply here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17eDUqGhV6EPRS5tq1gYOFKSNJBpeQOlaVOig78StE_8/edit Please share with your friends! Credit: The Cosmic Messenger by Miki Masuhara-Page. Photo by Stephanie Yao Long.
  • The equipment used will include 3 Tesla Coils, a 4 foot Jacobs Ladder, a 750 KV Van de Graaff generator, 100 KV Induction Coil, Wimshurst Machine, and Plasma Globes. 7 different showtimes. Free to attend!
  • Will LoveBomb Go Go be performing this year? Loved them in the dome last year!
  • This year, we're also bringing light to the theater. Catch three nights of movement arts & dance as part of the Portland Winter Light Festival 2018 (free, all ages)! All performances are free, all-ages, and indoors!
  • So if I'm understanding correctly I can get on all of the street cars to see this? And the Portland spirit is giving free rides across the river? Are there different times that it will dock and take you?
  • Presenting the official lineup for the 2018 Portland Winter Light Festival! 🌈 Over 100 artists, performers, and installations at OMSI, WTC/PGE Headquarters, St Johns, PNCA/Park Blocks, and other sites across the city. Find out more at pdxwlf.com
  • [SNEAK PEEK] We're holding off on the final version until all 100+ artist locations have been confirmed, but we wanted to share a preview of the full festival site for the 2018 Portland Winter Light Festival. Spanning from OMSI all the way to St. Johns, this year's festival will truly brighten up our entire city! For your transportation needs on Feb 1-3, don’t forget the Portland Streetcar for free rides after 5pm and the Portland Spirit River Cruises for complimentary cruises every night! Details to follow...✨
  • Who's behind the Portland Winter Light Festival? PDXWLF is managed by a devoted group of artists and creatives and a proud activity of the Willamette Light Brigade, a local, volunteer-run non-profit that has illuminated our city's bridges since 1986. Since 2009, the Brigade has been responsible for lighting the Morrison Bridge in custom colors for special events. When Portland celebrates Pride with rainbows on the Morrison Bridge, World AIDs Day with a bright-red bridge, or pays tribute to Prince with a purple crossing (pictured) -- it's thanks to the WLB's hard work. Lighting starts at just $100. Want to light the bridge? Find out more at https://www.lightthebridges.org/
  • Skip the driving: get around this year's citywide festival with FREE rides on the Portland Streetcar! That's right, this February 1 - 3 after 5pm, just hop on ANY streetcar line and ride to the different festival sites in style. This is part of our commitment to keeping the Portland Winter Light Festival 2018 (free, all ages) an accessible festival to all! Full festival site map published later this week. Paid fare still required for all TriMet and MAX rides. We'll see you at the festival!
  • Melissa i thought you might like this event🙂 it would be a cool date night
  • VOLUNTEERS! Our festival elves are hard at work getting our sign-up sheets online. Add your email address here and you’ll be first to know about opportunities for Art Guardians, Fire Tenders, helping aboard the Portland Spirit, and more! SIGN UP HERE: http://eepurl.com/dgkdHz
  • Want to light your bike, spark your imagination, and learn how to solder? Our Bling Your Thing workshop is for you! Registration required.
  • Once again, the Portland Winter Light Festival will be hosting talks on all things science and light! Which talks will you be attending?
  • Let's go Fabiana Aquino
  • Join DJ GlobalRuckus, Flamebuoyant Productions, and a community of jugglers, hoopers, spinners and shakers for the third annual Glow Jam! All levels welcome!
  • I dont see a location. Am I missing it?