18. October 2017 - 18:00
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The Society Open Mic | The Society Hotel | Wednesday, 18. October 2017

The Society Hotel Open Mic aims to create a safe and family friendly space for you to share your creative perfomances. On the third Wednsday of the month the stage is yours, if you sing songs, tell jokes, dance, write and read poetry we want you to share with us. Keep Making Art Ya'll
  • HEY HEY! Talented Open Mic attendees and future attendees, I'm going to be making a playlist here at The Society Hotel with all of your Music/Poetry. That is if you have any content on Soundcloud, Spotify, or Bandcamp.
  • THIS JUST IN!!! We I’ll have a a full 8 octave weighted Keys Casio available for this wonderful open mic of ours! So all of you piano players can bless us with your songs.
  • Hey there lovely creatives, Next Week is the Open Mic and I can't wait to hear and experience what you have been working on since last month!
  • Is it tonight or next Wednesday?
  • Hey there you Talented folks, My band and I are performing this event on SATURDAY!!! If you are free and would like to come out and support that would be AWESOME!!!!
  • I really wanted to make it there tonight, but rest and relaxation is what I truly need. Hope all of you are kicking some wordsmith ***! See you next go-around! 😇
  • Hello everyone, the November Open Mic is less than a week away! We have some pretty cool things happening for this one. including a number of really really stellar prizes to give to some lucky lucky winners!
  • Well I don't know if anyone of you know this or not but this is the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY for THE SOCIETY OPEN MIC! I can't remember the last time I was this dedicated to something. Each and everyone of you has inspired me to keep this going and to keep writing new music myself. If you ever got a chance to perform at this event you've inspired someone. I've watched people go from showing up every so often to reading poetry for the first time. I've seen people stumble up on this event and decided on a whim that they wanted to sing a song just because everyone else was. Each and everyone of you has a part in making this community one worth being around. Hope to see you all this month! It's going to be a good time.
  • Wish I could have made it ......./: love y'all
  • I won't be able to make it 💔 much love tho ❤✨
  • How late does is usually go?
  • Is there a piano?
  • 2 more days and the Oct open mic is going to be all sorts of happening!!!
  • How does one sign up?