11. October 2017 - 18:30
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TBE Rosh Chodesh Women's Group | Temple Beth El | Wednesday, 11. October 2017

$36 Members • $54 non-Members • $10/session drop-in rate

We have recently seen the powerful nature of the moon as it passed by the sun and created an awe filled moment of peace and wonder. For generations, women have been associated with the moon. Some associate the moon’s monthly cycle with that of women’s
cycles. Others refer to a story from Rabbinic literature (midrash) which explains that when Aaron asked the Israelites to give up their jewelry to create the Golden Calf, the women refused to be part of this idolatrous act. Their reward was a monthly holiday - Rosh Chodesh - where women were to be treated to a minor holiday and prayers were added to the daily services.

As we seek to make old traditions new, TBE is creating a Rosh Chodesh group for women. Together, as a collaborative effort led by Rabbi Braun, we will explore our tradition and our identities as women. No experience is necessary, all are welcome.

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Deadline is October 11