09. February 2018 - 17:00 till 19:00
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Thalpein: Artist Opening Reception | 3S Artspace | Friday, 09. February 2018


Artist Opening Reception: Friday, February 9 5-7pm


Artist Statement:

Thalpein: to heat

Thalpein is an immersive video and sound experience that takes you to the in-between spaces where there is no beginning and end, highlighting the subtle changes that we experience over time and can often overlook. The phenomenological visual and audio represent the warming process that has contributed to the extreme shifts in climate that have occurred in the span of our lifetime. In the past, processes that have occurred in geologic time are now happening during the span of a human lifetime. Similar to ice shelves melting, scientists are able to observe these processes over time, but they are not something that we are able to personally experience or witness in real time.

The audio in this piece was written to simulate a process of ‘warming’. There are three very distinct layers in the audio that are woven together. In the three variations, there is foundational layer (what lies below the iceberg), the secondary variation (what is above the water) and the third variation (which represents the steam being released into the atmosphere). The three-dimensional layer that surrounds these other layers is the ‘atmosphere’, for which a three-dimensional composition swirls around the other layers. The sonic representation of the ‘atmosphere’ was simulated using analog tape delays as well as a Leslie rotating speaker to create a circular piece that exists around the other three variations.

Artist Bios

Lana Vogestad
Lana Vogestad’s work is about ephemeral and phenomenological experiences with conceptual references, where the imagery leaves the confines of a flat surface and begins to inhabit, morph and come alive in a space. Vogestad, from NY, has a MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a BA from Bates College in Maine. She currently lives and works in southern Maine. She has shown her work in various venues, galleries and project spaces internationally, including New York City, Berlin, Iceland, and Atlanta. In 2013, Lana was a highlighted artist in Sound and Vision: Atlanta Film Festival at the Goat Farm, as well as in WonderGlo, an event hosted by Wonderroot and GloAtl.

Kirk Cornelius
Kirk Cornelius is a designer and composer who works within the spectrum of art, music and technology through various points of entry. His work is strongly influenced by concrete and abstract themes that often dictate the sound design or compositional structure of the pieces he creates. His most recent piece, ‘Into The Dark’, a spatial audio sound story, was recently featured at Luminary (Expanded) Art/Tech/Music at the Midway in San Francisco in November of 2017. Kirk currently lives between NW Montana and Portland, OR. He has shown his work in various venues and galleries internationally, including New York City, Iceland, San Francisco and Atlanta. In the last year, Kirk has also spent time working as a musician/producer at SnowGhost Music.

Brett Allen
Brett Allen is a producer, audio engineer and owner of SnowGhost Music. He is deeply interdisciplinary, both technically and artistically and is an expert at sound capture and curation as well as music recording and production. In regards to sound, Brett’s philosophy is that new music is not made up of some undiscovered arrangements of notes. New music is created by innovative people and their ‘instruments’ – new sounds, inspired and excited by unique control, and process. The spatial cues in mono, stereo and multi-channel formats provide yet another opportunity to expand the paradigm of playback.