19. November 2017 - 16:00
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Holiday Home: Essential Oils 101, Appetizers and Make&Take | Mercato Italiano Trattoria and Market | Sunday, 19. November 2017

This is Class 2 for the Month!!!! Join me for an Information-Packed class focusing on using the BEST Essential Oils on the planet to get the chemicals out of our Cabinets and our Homes! We will start at 4PM with Delicious Appetizers and Essential Oils 101! Immediately following there will be an optional $10/Person “Home for the Holidays” inspired Make& Thieves All purpose cleaning spray, Warm Vanilla Room Spray with Cinnamon Bark, Clove, and Orange (Divine), and a great “Smells be Gone” Spray for your guest bathroom!!! See Ya Later, Plug-ins and Febreze! Come on out!!! Please, RSVP so that I can bring adequate supplies, and Bring Friends!!!! This is going to be one Oils and Sprays Party you won’t want to miss!
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  • Ok, you know...every time I have a class...I have a “Think Dirty” app challenge! And, this class is no different! If you want to be in the running for an Orange Vitality oil...a whole unopened bottle!!! Then, you should participate! So, here it is!!!! I challenge everyone to download this free app onto their phone, and to scan some items in their cabinets. The app is called "Think Dirty", and it gives you the ingredients and a numerical value to your item based on toxicity...For example, a clean product would get a low score...0-3, and a "dirty" item could get 10 (the worst😳). Start scanning some of the items in your cabinets...take a screenshot of your scanned items and post it in the comments to be entered to win a free bottle of Orange Vitality essential oil! I will be putting some of my cabinet scan pics in comments too! I will do the drawing for the Orange oil on Saturday evening November 18th...Happy Scanning! ☺️💪
  • Hi!!!! I'm Sherree Kang, and I'm soooo excited that I'm going to get the opportunity to talk about my favorite thing (aside from these people in the photo☺️)...Essential Oils, and how we can use them to kick chemicals to the curb! I'm a mom to 18-month-old daughter, Abby, and a 5-year-old son, Alton! My husband, Steve, and I both come from healthcare backgrounds. He is a physician, and I was in the Sleep Medicine field before becoming a mom. Being in healthcare instilled in me a strong desire to care for people and their health, and I can't wait to , have the opportunity to do that for you and your friends/family! I promise this class will be packed with useful information, and you will get a value from every minute!!! Most importantly it will be FUN!!! You will go home empowered, and have some great goodies for your home this Holiday Season! I can't wait to meet you!