12. January 2018 - 9:00
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The Annual Real n' Slim 3 Secrets Event! | Courtyard Provo | Friday, 12. January 2018

Starting January 2018 this Transformational 3 Secrets event is only happening ONCE per year!

Grab your tickets before December 25th to get the huge Christmas Discount that makes it easy to give the gift of superb support to your friends and family who said they want a slimdown.

Visit for the whole story!

This even is being held at the Courtyard Marriott in Provo.

Please ask about hotel accommodations. πŸ’–
  • I just heard a sneak peek of Kelly Walker's core presentation for day 2 of our 3 Secrets Event. You're in for a major treat. 🎁
  • Oh my good brown gravy!! I am so excited!! I've been hunting for information and experts about gut health and... I FOUND THE PERFECT INFO TODAY! πŸŽΆπŸŽπŸ˜… I'm adding some amazing digestive science support to day 2 of our 3 Secrets Event. That means... A BONUS Secret is happening. Oh! Woooohoooo! (I'm beyond to thrilled!) Okay, tickets are still SUPER discounted on 3secretsevent. RealnSlim. Com I hope you're coming to get the goods AND the support. You rock! (And you don't have to do this alone.) Love ya!
  • Get Registered While The Holiday Special is on! More Than 50% Off! Hurry! Prices at the door are $197 for Founder Lunch and $99 otherwise. Check out your discount options at 3secretsevent. realnslim. com (copy paste, remove the space. :) )
  • I am so excited to be speaking at this life changing event! Get a jump on your health goals for 2018 and learn the tools that will transform your mind and body. Tickets are a steal at the pre-Christmas rate. This event is perfect for anyone with the desire to learn diet-free weight loss. Join us!
  • Now through Christmas Day you can still get gift priced tickets to the Real n' Slim 3 Secrets Event for your friends and family! $47 per seat (regularly $99) Or $99 per seat (regularly $197) for lunch with the founder both days! Give the gift of Slimdown that lasts! 3secretsevent.realnslim.com
  • This is Kelly Walker. 10 Months ago she thought she was stuck forever. The other day she told me the story of going to see a friend that she hadn't seen for a while, and because she has unlayered her body so much they didn't recognize her at first! I'm so excited for Kelly! She has come out of hiding and is shining light a beacon! πŸ’– Kelly will be telling her story at the Annual Real n' Slim 3 Secrets Event January 12-13, 2018. #YouComin ?
  • "Parents often discourage their children's dreams 'for their own good' and attempt to steer them toward more 'reasonable' goals. And children often accept this as normal until others come along who believe in them and encourage their dreams." ~Russel Brunson~ I hear so often this statement that tugs at my heartstrings. It goes like this: "Don't try to slimdown. Just accept your body how it is and love it this way." Because this statement has some good in it I want to talk about the fine line here. You may be one who gets frustrated with me after reading this post. This idea is very ingrained in our politically correct society. But I need to speak up because I haven't met a soul yet who is happy with the physical and emotional pain that comes with mobility lack due to the extra stores. I love you, so I'm determined to support you in your dream of experiencing the happy benefits of removing the extra stores from your lean, healthy body. Did you see what I just said? "Happy benefits of removing the extra stores from your lean, heathy body." I see it this way: You are you. You wear your amazing, highly interactive, Beautiful body. The extra stores are just on the outside and we all have total power over whether or not they stay. So when someone talks about accepting and loving their body the way it is... I imagine a lean, healthy body free of extra stores. And because I know what I know, I know it's really possible, and that it's simple, and that I can put tools in your hands to empower you to make it last forever. Your body is beautiful, just how it is. You get to have what you want: to help your body come out of hiding. I did it. My clients are doing it. So are their children. It's Real. Accept your amazing personality. That's you. Accept your lean, healthy body. It's there. Address the extra stuff. Release it. Your dreams get to come true! #realnslim #dreamscometrue #keepitsimple #Ibelieveinyou
  • Between now and January 18th we have this little gem going on! https://www.facebook.com/events/1993270050933347/?ti=as
  • https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-real-n-slim-event-8-tickets-38452233666