01. August 2020 - 7:00
Tickets finden, Quincy
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A Day Trip to Martha's Vineyard August 1, 2020 | Saturday, 01. August 2020

Rich in history and a favorite summer haven for many notables over the years. The original people of Martha’s Vineyard included the Native American Wampanoags. Unable to prove, but it’s believed that the first humans probably came here at the end of the Ice Age, but before the sea levels changed and the Island was formed. Native American camps that carbon date to 2270 B.C.E. have been uncovered on the Island.

As you tour the island, you will learn the rich history of immigrants from England and the Cape Verde island, farmers, fisherman, blacksmiths and merchants who settled here as a safe haven. Through the colonial period, raiding British, the Age of Whaling

and the Civil War, Martha’s Vineyard became a nurturing place where all peoples could prosper!