18. January 2018 - 19:00 till 20:30
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Special Lecture: How to Tame a Fox and Build a Dog | North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences | Thursday, 18. January 2018

For the last six decades a dedicated team of researchers in Siberia has been domesticating silver foxes to replay the evolution of the dog in real time. Lyudmila Trut has been lead scientist on this work since 1959, and together with biologist and historian of science Lee Dugatkin she tells the inside story of the science, politics, adventure and love behind it all. Like a set of Russian nesting dolls, Dugatkin’s newest book “How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog)” opens up to reveal story after story, each embedded within the one that preceded it. In this presentation, Dugatkin takes us inside this tale of path-breaking science in the midst of the often brutal -35° winters of Siberia to reveal a remarkable collaboration between an older, freethinking scientific genius and a trusting, but gutsy young woman. Together these two risked not just their careers, but to an extent their lives, to make scientific history.


Dr. Lee Dugatkin is an evolutionary biologist and a historian of science at the University of Louisville. He is the author of nine books and more than 150 papers. The New York Times Book Review called Dr. Dugatkin’s newest book, “How to Tame a Fox and Build a Dog” a “Sparking new book … Part science, part Russian fairy tale and part spy thriller … It may serve — particularly now — as a parable of the lessons that emerge from unfettered science, if we have the courage to let it unfold.”

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