30. June 2019 - 19:00
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ACT II Cohort 8 - SMCOE Employees Only | San Mateo County Office of Education | Sunday, 30. June 2019

Event Details
This is the registration and payment page for the Clear Administrative Services Credential program, also known as ACT II, for Cohort 8 for San Mateo County Office of Education Employees ONLY!
Required dates for Year One are as follows. Required dates for Year Two will be announced at a later date.

Attendance at all days are required. 

Your total costs for the ACT II program Cohort 8 is $1,000, plus fees. Payments can be made as follows: two installments of $500, once in September 2020 and again in September 2021.
For those of you paying with a check, Eventbrite charges two processing fees. The service fee is 2.5% of the cost plus 99 cents for a total of $13.49. Participants that are paying with a credit card, will incur the same Eventbrite fees plus a 3.0% credit card service fee.
Paying by check/money order
$500.00       ACT II - Year One tuition
+  13.49       Eventbrite service fees

Paying by credit card
$500.00       ACT II - Year One tuition
+ 13.49        Eventbrite service fee
+  15.00       Credit card fee (3% of tuition)

Please contact Eugenie
eobina@smcoe.org | 650.802.5329