09. November 2017 - 10:00 till 18:00
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RIGA COMM 2017 AI ML Bots Conference | RIGA COMM | Thursday, 09. November 2017

Machines are not coming, smart machines are already there. You can’t image how many smart machines are used in companies around the world and in Baltics already today. There are many practical usage scenarios of AI and Machine Learning almost in any business field. We want to give you overview in very structured and compact way about the current situation in AI, Machine Learning and Bots with examples from Baltics that will help you understand how your organization can apply to it. Every company will need to embed smart machines into business processes sooner or later.

Our 10 speakers:

Aldis Erglis, Processes Development Director at ELKO Group
Andris Aizpurietis, Head of Data & Analytics at KPMG Baltics
Vitālijs Zabiņako, Head of Scientific Research and Development Department at ABC Software
Kaspars Egliņš, 4SmartStreets & KleinTech
Agnis Jakubovičs, CEO at APPLY
Stanislav Hilchuk, SME and Technology evangelist, Accenture Latvia
Denis Lazarenkov, Founder & CEO, Smartsub
Andrii Rudchuk, Founder & CEO, Hala
Dan Melnykov, COO, XOresearch
Dmitrijs Jemeļjanovs, CEO, Forward IT Consulting

We will talk about

Artificial intelligence (#AI),
Machine learning (#ML),
Natural language processing (#NLP / #NLU),
Deep learning (#DL),
Virtual Personal Assistant & ChatBots,
Business Intelligence (#BI) & Predictive Analytics World,
Computer vision,
Reinforcement learning (#RL),
and more around these topics.