19. October 2019 - 18:00 till 21:00
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The Tommies Reunion | | Saturday, 19. October 2019

Founded by the late Rev. Milton Brunson, The Thompson Community Singers (affectionately known as The Tommies) burst onto the gospel music scene in 1972, re-shaping the sound of the gospel choir with several hit albums and songs. From 1989 – 1995 The Tommies earned four GRAMMY nominations and were winners of one for the Best Gospel Album by A Choir or Chorus per the 37th Annual GRAMMY Awards! THE TOMMIES REUNION self-titled debut album is a rebirth of the legend that’s sure to excite long time existing fans, while creating new ones. The lead single "He Worked It Out" is fresh in its musical feel and provides the dynamic choir sound that The Tommies are known for as it offers a great inspirational message. The song “Great Faith” is sure to be a favorite of Tommies fans as well, “All God” is a wonderfully melodic mid-tempo song that pays high praise and thanks to God for being our all in all as a guidepost to achieving good things in our lives as well as in the lives of others, whereas the ballad “Love Never Dies” is reminiscent of the soulful stylings of Jonathan Butler, by way of a smooth Urban ***** Contemporary flavor that’s sure to woo many new fans as the next chapter and the rich musical legacy of The Thompson Community Singers is now being written by THE TOMMIES REUNION!