07. June 2018 - 10:00
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Shattered Kingdoms - The Fey Wildes | Oregon 4 H Conference & Education Center | Thursday, 07. June 2018

Shattered Kingdoms - The Fey Wildes

“The last several years the Kingdom has been thrown in to chaos from many threats. First the treachery at Zena’s Sanctum, then the opening of the portal to **** and finally the coming of Mancos. All the turmoil of the last few years has finally come to an end but with a mighty cost. The kingdom was brought to the brink of destruction. The army has been destroyed, very few towns remain unscathed and the Octavious Expanse has left the Kingdom to set up their own state.

Yet despite all the suffering the people of the Kingdom remain strong and look always to the future. Rather than feel the despair of a doomed people they see this as a chance to renew their spirits and to rebuild. They have struck out into the forest, cutting down lumber and re-opened long forgotten rock quarries to rebuild. Amongst the exploration people have came back with strange tails of fantastical beasts and spots in the forest, unlike anything they had seen before. It’s as if the very land around the kingdom is beginning to change but change into what, no one knows.”

Event Pricing

$40: Full price. As a pre-registration bonus you get 5 gold coins and an extra quest ability.

Pay at Gate

$40: If you choose to pay at gate you won't get any of the swag that came with the pre-registratoin package.

$15: This is the day trip fee if you are attending for only one day.