23. October 2020 - 9:30
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I Love My Life Event - 2020 | Hilton | Friday, 23. October 2020

You’re dressed in your favorite fall outfit.
You wheel a suitcase behind you, through the sliding glass doors of a hotel.
You see a sign that sends a little electric thrill through you:

You’re here! You’re about to spend two days with Carol Tuttle, all of the DYT Experts, and a community of supportive, inclusive women who will help you feel at home.
You can hardly wait to see what Carol and her team have cooked up for you to learn and experience. You know that you’ll leave this weekend with more style know-how and WAY more confidence to be your true self.
You follow the sign to registration. 
Carol’s team meets you with warm smiles and a welcome.
And then you step into the ballroom, where women from all over the world have traveled to experience this weekend with you. This weekend will hold insight and memories. You can just feel it.
Looking around, you think, “I love my life!”

You’re invited to the I Love My Life Event 2020.
Yes, Carol Tuttle is hosting another big, live Dressing Your Truth event! 
The last one was held in 2018, without plans to hold another one. But after many requests from the community, Carol and her team sat down to plan an event to inspire women attending for the first time AND women who have attended every event Carol has hosted in the past.
If you love knowing your Energy Type and you're committed to being your best self, this is the perfect weekend getaway.
You’ll go home feeling appreciated and inspired, more at peace with yourself than you ever expected.

What does the I Love My Life Event include?
This weekend gives you inspiring sessions and supportive experiences. 
Here are just a few...

Sessions with Carol Tuttle and the DYT Experts

We pack a weekend full of a-ha’s for you! From Carol’s keynotes to group panels to live Q&A sessions, you’ll get insight into your Energy Type to make important improvements that help you love your life. 

Breakout with Women of Your Energy Type

There's something validating and powerful about gathering with a group of women who express your same Energy Type (and know it). As a group, you'll tap into the beauty and strength of your true nature. You can ask specific questions to your Type’s Experts and you’ll leave with tips to manage some of the biggest challenges your Type faces. 

4-Types Shopping

Ever wish the Dressing Your Truth online store could step off your computer and into your life? It can! All weekend, you can shop for jewelry, makeup, and hair care for your Type. Makeup testers make it easy to find your favorite colors in person. And we’ll stock Type-specific jewelry, exclusive to the event.

All-weekend Wardrobe Inspiration

Gather hundreds of women dressing true to their Type of beauty and you can't help but see the most inspiring parade of unique personal styles. See how other women make Dressing Your Truth their very own. You’ll get new ideas you didn’t even know you could try!

Friday Evening Fun

Our Friday night social event is an evening to enjoy—for every Type! We honor each other’s movement and participate in our own ways. If you love the dance floor, there’s a place for you on it. And if you prefer to observe, pull up a chair and savor the snacks. At an all-women retreat, everyone is free to let loose in their own way.

Catered Lunches

We'll serve you a delicious lunch on both Friday and Saturday so you can stay on site and soak in every part of the event. Eat and chat with old friends or meet new ones across the table. We can accommodate diet restrictions. So if you have particular food needs, know that you have a place at the table, too. 

Friends, New and Old

Whether you come alone or with a group, you'll leave with friends. Energy Profiling gives you a unique edge in understanding others. And every woman at this event will be in some stage of her Energy Profiling journey, which means you share a common bond. Some of the loveliest connects that happen at these events are between women who have only ever seen each other online in our Facebook groups. Come find out what good friends you are in person! 
We aim to send you home saying, “I Love My Life!”

Where will this amazing weekend happen? 
The Hilton Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.
You’ll be visiting a lovely city with a gorgeous mountain backdrop. The refreshing chill in the October air will be perfect for cozying up with us indoors.
In addition to the amazing event sessions, you’ll have access to amenities nearby in downtown Salt Lake City, such as dining, shopping, or sight-seeing. Plan activities with your friends or go exploring on your own—whatever is most supportive to you. Everything’s beautiful and close by.
(For information about where to stay and how to get here, see FAQs below.)

FAQs. Please tell me...
Q: Who will be at the I Love My Life event?
A: You! (We hope.) And Carol Tuttle, without question. She’ll be joined by her team of Dressing Your Truth Experts, as well as hundreds of women who love Energy Profiling and are committed to becoming their best selves.

Q: Do I get to meet Carol or the DYT Experts personally?
A: Yes. They can’t wait to welcome you to this special weekend together! Between the Friday night social, breaks between sessions, and your Type-specific breakout, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to say hello, ask questions, and snap selfies with your favorite members of the team.

Q: Will Carol be able to confirm my Energy Type?
A: At this event, Carol is not reserving specific time to confirm attendees’ Energy Types. (At past events, we’ve found that most women do know their Type—and when they’ve got it wrong, a weekend like this has a tendency to clear things up.) This entire weekend will give you insights into Energy Profiling that will reassure you about your own Type.

Q: May children attend?
A: Children 12 years old and up are welcome with their own ticket. Retreat sessions will not cater to children, but we know that many daughters love Energy Profiling and are grown-up enough to enjoy an event like this. You know your child best and whether or not they would benefit from this weekend with you.

Q: May men attend?
A: Not this time. This is specifically a women’s event.

Q: Are meals included in admission?
A: Lunch on both Friday and Saturday are included with your ticket. We decide on delicious options, but we can accommodate dietary restrictions when they are communicated ahead of time. For dinner on Friday, choose from one of many restaurant options in downtown Salt Lake. (The exception: Up Close tickets include a Friday night dinner with Carol Tuttle and her DYT Experts. Up Close tickets have sold out for every event we’ve held. If you’re interested, reserve your spot soon.)

Q: If I’m visiting from out of town. Where do I stay?
A: As an event attendee, you can book a reduced-rate room at the Hilton itself as early as November (but not earlier). After you purchase your event ticket, our support team can provide you with the code to get your discounted room. To reserve a room, please call 801-328-2000 or 1-800-774-1500. You may also choose from the many other hotel options a short walk or shuttle drive from the event. To defray cost, attendees at past events have found others to share a room with by asking around in the DYT or Lifestyle Facebook groups.

Q: What transportation is available?
A: The Hilton is a 12-minute drive from the Salt Lake International Airport. If you’re flying to the event, you can rent a car at the airport. Other options include Uber ($11-15), TRAX Light Rail, or a shuttle ($12). More information can be found here.

Q: Are there refunds on tickets if I buy and then can't attend?
A: If you say you're coming by getting a ticket, we'll count on you and prepare for your beautiful presence. For that reason, there will be no refunds on any tickets. If you discover you can't attend, you may transfer your ticket to another lucky woman until September 30, 2020. So your ticket is not refundable, but it IS transferrable.

Q: Can I purchase a ticket for someone else?
A: Absolutely! What a wonderful gift you’re giving! Eventbrite will send you a ticket receipt that you can print out and wrap as beautifully as you’d like.

Register today!
Thank you for your commitment to being your best self and creating a life you love. We truly hope to see you at I Love My Life in 2020.