02. December 2017 - 20:25 till 22:00
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In Our Prime ft Indigo Shift & ChuTopp | Alamo City Improv | Saturday, 02. December 2017

-- • • HEADLINING ACT • • --

In Our Prime
|| Performing their brand of “dramedy", this group does extremely grounded, smart narrative scenes that will make you think as much as they make you laugh.
|| CAST: Ryan Hill | Paul Normandin | Gloria Rabil Bankler
|| RESIDENT TROUPE: In Our Prime is an Alamo City Improv Resident Troupe from Austin that performs the 1ˢᵀ Saturday of every month.

-- • • FEATURED ACTS • • --

Indigo Shift
|| The world is about to end, but the show must go on. Inspired by a mutual love of musical improv and theatrical storytelling, Indigo Shift consists of friends and longtime collaborators Jordan T. Maxwell, Kacey Samiee, Sarah Marie Curry, and Cindy Page. Drawing on a wide range of pop, literary and dramatic traditions, Indigo Shift flows between different levels of staged reality...as themselves, as their apocalyptic personae, as the characters they play in by both narrative and thematic musical numbers to create an utterly unique improv experience!
|| CAST: Kacey Samiee | Jordan T. Maxwell | Cindy Page | Sarah Marie Curry

Chu-Topp Improv
|| ChuTopp is the improv power-duo of Topping Haggerty and Estevan 'Chuy' Zarate. They have been performing together since 2013, though Topping and Chuy have been performing improv, in many places and in many formats, for an incalculable amount of years separately on their own.
|| CAST: Topping Haggerty | Estevan J. Chuy Zarate


Tickets are $8 at the door, but you'll save $2 for buying your tickets online, so get yours now! Cash and cards are accepted.

Our theater is located in the basement of The Magic Time Machine. Enter the restaurant and go through the large wooden door next to the bar. #improvSA