01. January 2018 - 0:00
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Refresher Course: Scientific Ethics | UC San Diego School of Medicine | Monday, 01. January 2018

Course Information
Please note this is a continuous enrollment form. PLEASE DISREGARD THE START DATE. Dates will be scheduled by email. 
Eligibility: If you have previously taken a research ethics course, but are now being asked to do so again, it may be appropriate for you to consider the refresher option. 
Course Objectives: The purpose of this course is to engage researchers in reading about, considering, and discussing the responsible conduct of science. The purpose of this option is to minimize the need for people to simply re-take the same or different course already completed. This course is structured to fulfill continuing research ethics requirements. 
Course Format: This course is designed to meet 8 hours of research ethics requirements. A new course format is currently in place. It involves 8 or more students scheduling meeting times lasting no less than 8 hours total. Assignments, groups, and scheduling will be discussed when registratoin is closed for the quarter. 
This course does not offer UCSD credit. You must complete the full course to receive credit. Yo will be given a certificate completion. 
This "ticket" serves only as an application to register for this upcoming UC San Diego Scientific Ethics refresher course. If there is room, you will be notified of your confirmed placement in the course.
Please visit our website for more information or contact ethics@ucsd.edu