30. September 2021 - 16:00
4570, Executive Drive, University City, San Diego, San Diego County, California, 92121, United States, San Diego
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Renowned Clinical Physician, Dr. Julie Chen, Named Chief Clinical Officer at Human Longevity, Inc. | Thursday, 30. September 2021

Trailblazer Dr. Julie Chen, MD, a nationally known fellowship-trained integrative medicine physician who is also board-certified in internal medicine, has been recruited to be the Chief Clinical Officer of Human Longevity Inc., as well as Medical Director of Human Longevity, San Francisco clinic that will be opening in October 2021. Dr. Chen will be a huge proponent for proactive medicine, focusing on heading off disease in early stages and proactively monitoring for disease risks instead of waiting for a disease to happen and then taking a reactive approach.

The Human Longevity clinic is uniquely focused on a comprehensive proactive approach to health for its patients, using genomic precision medicine. Every patient to the clinic receives a full human genome sequence test, along with bleeding edge imaging/lab testing/sleep monitoring technology. The company’s clinical approach involves evaluating and managing patients’ health using a 360 approach of genomic testing, clinical evaluation, imaging, and labs.

Through this process, Human Longevity have been able to detect cancers and diseases very early on, more so than current approaches. One of the main partners for Human Longevity is Massachusetts General Hospital Physicians in Boston. Their goal is to give patients optimal access to technology and clinicians to help optimize health.

Dr. Chen believes that prevention and proactive health approaches are what saves lives. Chen is thrilled to join the Human Longevity team, the company’s approach to patient health outcome optimization, and the company’s goals of collecting data to help further scientific approach to clinical healthcare.

For more information on Dr. Julie Chen and Human Longevity, Inc., please visit www.humanlongevity.com.