01. January 2022 - 14:00
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San Diego Bartenders, DJ's, and Dancers Job Events Directory!!! | San Diego, California | Saturday, 01. January 2022

1) Please join and contribute:

San Diego Bartenders, DJ's, and Dancers Directory!!!

This GROUP and EVENTs LIST was specifically made to showcase and support SAN DIEGO TALENT!!!

2) RSVP ATTENDING, if you would like to receive events, news, jobs, and other info...

3) Post your bars events/industry nights here, or on the group wall:)

***)))Then a message will send out to everyone in the group(((***

If you have a flier, please post it or a link to it. I can then use it as a recent event photo.

4) Please invite friends, co-workers, businesses, and charities to join our group/event to keep up to date on the latest industry nights, club/bar/venue events, and positions/gigs available....for both public and industry, as we are sure to grow!!!

5) Send me a private message for any private inquiries and or specific instructions for posts, ads, promos, and social media specialization: