02. February 2019 - 13:00
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San Diego Photoshop Users Group: ""Judges Insights For Competition" | Platt College | Saturday, 02. February 2019

"Judges Insights For Competition"

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The San Diego Photoshop Users group first meeting of 2019 is Saturday, February 2nd from 1pm - 4pm. We meet at:
Platt College (Near San Diego State)

6250 El Cajon Blvd (Next to San Diego State University)
San Diego, CA 92115.

This meeting is dedicated to the San Diego County Fair's, International Photo and Digital Arts Exhibition.  Attendance is free!
For the first half of the meeting the judges will discuss what they look for in a competition quality images and prints. They will also answer any of your questions on the various categories. The coordinator Gene Wilde and his assistant coordinator Lois Fong-Sakai will be present.
The other half of the meeting will be dry run judging of members who submit their work as Jpeg images where you will view them on the screen.
Be a part of this experience and submit two Jpegs with dimensions around 1600 x 1200 pixels of what you feel are your best images to steve@chromeallusion.com.
Title them with your name followed by and underscore and title. For example "stephen burns_digital ecstasy". 
Looking forward to see you this Saturday.