14. September 2018 - 11:30
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5 Days of Energetic Exercises for Loving Your Body & Getting Out of Judgment -RECORDINGS | Online | Friday, 14. September 2018

If you spoke to your best friend the same way you self-talk to your body, would they remain your friend?

You’re too fat

I don't love you because of the way you look

You’re too hairy, short, (insert word here)

And on and on.

What would it be like to observe what you’re saying to your body over the next day or two? And you may like to join me for 5 Days of Energetic Exercises for Loving your Body.
What will you receive? Simple, effective exercises

to get out of judgment,
embrace nurturing energies,
create more harmony with food,
allow your body to pull in what it desires
even reprogram a habit or two!

~ In  25-30 minute recordings that you can access again & again~
You receive 5 audio recordings, 5 video recording & a bonus Inner Smile exercise
Let’s embrace the magnificent gift that bodies are and take action to create a deep, intimate relationship; one of kindness and non-judgment. How much more ease and harmony would you like to have with your body?

If you Prefer Paypal you can pay here paypal.me/transform/39