23. March 2017 - 19:30 till 22:00
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Apocalypse, Please hosted by Brian | PianoFight | Thursday, 23. March 2017

Come see APOCALYPSE, PLEASE its 3rd weekend! Our wonderful host, Brian, will be coordinating the evening, so to talk to him or get your ticket here:
  • Hey everyone! Just as a head's up, this performance on Thursday (3/23) only has four seats left. Grab them ASAP if you're hoping to see the show in two days!
  • Hot off the press!!
  • Less than 70 hrs till opening...
  • Thanks for the invite, I'll be there on the 11th as it's the only day I can come.
  • I'm excited to share this wonderful work with all of you next month!! 2 of the 11 shows are already sold out, so buy your tickets ahead of time.
  • Check out Brian Bacchus Kennedy's AWESOME poster!