20. May 2018 - 7:00 till 16:00
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Bay to Breakers 2018 | San Francisco, California | Sunday, 20. May 2018

Organizing a team with a theme for the 2018 Bay to Breakers!

Let's walk, run, dance our way from the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean (7 Miles!)!

Make your plans now to join me and we'll start planning early 2018!
  • Kelly we’re running! come with
  • Barry Fitzgerald Jack McVey lets be sure to book the 21st off work
  • Katelyn you have work to do to secure invitations to the Haight Street Palace before May 20th lol. Dobis will just have to understand
  • Erin Duffy Kayla Williams Leora Goldblatt come to sf please kthxbai.
  • Teo Silva let’s go this year!
  • Hey! Does anyone know of any training teams for Bay to Breakers!?
  • 9AM at Alamo Square...