13. August 2019 - 18:30 till 20:30
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Copyright & Business Concepts for Musicians | 518 Valencia | Tuesday, 13. August 2019

Taught by Jacob Janzen with Start Art Legal, this workshop will give an overview of contracts and business planning/operation, trademarks, and focus more narrowly on how Copyright law relates to musicians and creatives of all varieties.

We will cover how to protect your own creations as well as how to protect yourself from infringing on the creations of others. We will also discuss the many different types of Contracts that will likely come up in your career and what to look for in those agreements.

About Start Art Legal

Whether you need help with a contract, the formation of a business, copyright or trademark registration, or just have legal questions about your art practice or business, Start Art Legal strives to be your "one-stop" legal resource. Based in Berkeley, California, Start Art Legal uses technology and flexibility to represent clients throughout the state with Intellectual Property matters, Art Business careers and management, and Art Market transactions. Whether you’re a Painter, Street Artist, Sculptor, Photographer, Composer, Musician, Performer, Designer, or small business Owner, Start Art Legal can provide the solutions to your business and legal questions.

Attorney Jacob Janzen runs Start Art Legal. As a participating member of the California Lawyers for the Arts Modest Means Incubator Program, Janzen provides affordable, discounted, and pro-bono legal counsel to Artists and Creative Professionals throughout the state. Among his current clients, Janzen represents and advises Visual Artists, Musicians, Performing Artists, Galleries, Owners of Art related Businesses, and Creative Entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Janzen is a licensed CA attorney. He holds an MA in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Los Angeles, and a JD from DePaul University College of Law in Chicago.