27. July 2020 - 13:00 till 15:00
Karte anzeigen, San Francisco
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Creating Stability | Monday, 27. July 2020

THIS IS THE FORTH WORKSHOP OF A 4-PART TRAINING SERIES BEST DONE AS A SET ( http://www.divingbuddah.com/workshop4PartTrainingSeries.html)

However, if you can't attend the full series, there is plenty to learn from taking one or more workshops on an individual basis.



Stability is often mentioned and seldom understood beyond the idea of crude 'bracing'. It is a much more nuanced skill. It requires specific training approaches beyond resistance training and yields indispensable rewards once nurtured. It is arguably the most foundational skill upon which strength and mobility are built.

In this workshop, you will learn the difference between balance and stability and delve into the world of neurological training. You will learn how poor stability may be what is really limiting your strength and mobility and how to translate those often boring and tedious resistance exercises into true stability training. Not only will your joints love you for it, but you will also likely become more proficient at your craft while at the same time reducing the likelihood of injury.

Workshop emphasis is on refining functional skills and training safely. And with a focus on intelligent training these workshops will benefit you in ways you didn't expect.

Equipment (optional; gather what can):

---.5L water bottle partially filled with water or sand or equivalent (highly recommended)

---pair of sliders (towel of socks on wooden floor), cardboard or actual 'sliders' for carpet

---stick (broom, mop e.g.)

---pair of chairs (for splits, shoulder stuff)

---weight: 10lbs? (filled water bottle/jug, kettle bell, actual weights; not recommended heavy pets)

---pair of yoga blocks or equivalent which you can use as a shim

---strap, yoga belt or equivalent

---resistance bands

---etc. :-)


---Employed- $25

---Unemployed <-->Underemployed- $5-$20


Send payment via Venmo (@divingbuddah) or Paypal to email (use 'sending to a friend')

-In the memo put the name and date of event, the full name(s), contact email(s) and number(s) for all being enrolled.

Once payment is confirmed you will be sent a link to the class.

For more information contact Jim Donak with 'Creating Stability' in the subject line.