07. October 2020 - 20:00 till 23:00
Disco Soldier, San Francisco
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Disco Soldier Radio- SutroFM 10/7/20 | Wednesday, 07. October 2020

Free the booty and the mind will follow!

3 hour radio broadcast, providing space for the marginalized and esoteric soul of artists. Hosted by Sutrofm.net on https://www.sutrofm.net/ at 5-8pm PST on the first Wednesday of the month. Vinyl djs featured from all over the world, spoken word, interviews and connection of community.

------> DISCO SOLDIER RADIO 10/7/20 BROADCAST<------


Vision Statement:

To incite, ignite, inspire life, energy into the marginalized. Sharing of knowledge with forward movement towards the decolonized mind, revolutionary soul of art, music and vinyl culture in the world.

Mission Statement:

Provide and preserve a space in this universe where art, the artist, sound, music, freedom & dance floors are honored. Support of vinyl and analog culture through constant representation of this art form.



Mucho ♥