14. September 2019 - 10:00 till 18:00
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Fall in Love: 5 Magical Steps to Finding, Keeping and Growing Your True Love | Modern Love Training | Saturday, 14. September 2019

Do you secretly believe that you experience sadness, anxiety and fear as a “normal” part of your life? That you have no choice but to bring those low energy feelings to your work, health, prosperity and worst of all, your love life?

You aren’t alone, I used to feel depressed and anxious every day and thought it was my “normal”. In fact, 40 Million people in the U S suffer from anxiety and 16 million have at least one bout of depression every year.
Surprise! Those feelings have a cause and there are proven solutions! You can transform those feelings from negative to positive and dramatically shift your health, happiness, prosperity and of course your love life too!
That’s why you will want to join me for: Fall in Love: 5 Steps to Finding Keeping & Growing Your True Love NOW!
This Fall is your time to step forward into greater love, health and prosperity than you ever dreamed possible! How? Identify what pulls your energy down and transform those stumbling blocks, into stepping-stones to a powerful new energy. Imagine yourself living a happy complete life! Plus, the planetary energies of Fall season work for us, it’s harvest time!
Now isn’t that better than your best wet dream?
Blessings, Dr. Brenda