02. September 2019 - 19:00 till 22:00
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FLO Trivia at COPYRIGHT Speakeasy Lounge | Trademark & Copyright Sports bar and Speakeasy Lounge | Monday, 02. September 2019

F.L.O. MONDAY FUN DAY TRIVIA This ain't Ya Grandma’s trivia or bingo night at the old folks home. F.L.O.'s engaging and unconventional approach combines comedy and group activity to grab attention and keep everyone entertained.Bonus points for funny team names, team captain confessions, and team challenges immediately break the ice and establish a comfort level that allows people the rare opportunity to share their silly side with others. All the while F.L.O. works the room with comedic banter never allowing a dull moment.
Game Rules
In an era of technology, NO PHONES ALLOWED.
F.L.O. Trivia creates an interactive atmosphere. Where people are conversing, debating, laughing and feeling a sense of comradery...with co - workers, couples, friends they came with, and new friends in the bar. Bringing INTERACTION back to an fully INTERACTIVE world!