17. July 2020 - 21:00 till 23:00
Tickets finden, San Francisco
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Friday Night Sunset Yoga + Dance with Kirin Power | Friday, 17. July 2020

Using headphones, soulful music and feel-good movement to create intimate, immersive, extraordinary moments ��

End your week on the highest note..�

Make your way out to the beach for a blissful, immersive yoga experience. We provide the modern technology of headphones � and soulful music (you control the volume!) with ancient technology of yoga �� and connecting to the earth � for a powerful reset and recharge.

Friday nights are our new yoga and dance series - we’ll begin with 60 minutes of a well-rounded athletic, feel-good yoga class and move into an ecstatic dance style groove that will make you want to shake your bones.

Kirin's mission as a yoga teacher is to remind everyone of the magic that exists all around us.. in this practice, in nature, in all of the happenings on and off the mat. Tying her love of yoga, dance, nature, music, and mantra together- Kirin’s practice is rhythmic, strong, intentional, and feel-good, elevating students to step into their highest frequency, radiance, and POWER.

Please check out our safety precautions listed below as we reopen! And we CAN’T WAIT to welcome our beautiful community back together and share the beach yoga magic with you!! �


Julie, Kirin, Sarah + The Outdoor Yoga SF team

Safety Protocol �

1. When you arrive to check-in, please respect the space of those around you as you come to pick up your headphones. We’ll have sanitizer available to spray your personal headset as extra safety precaution (we’ll have already thoroughly cleaned them as well)

2. Setup 6’ apart from your neighbors. We’ll miss doing partner poses, but one day we’ll bring them back!

3. Bring a mask! SF regulations state that masks are required for outdoor exercise. For the safety and comfort of our community, please wear yours.

Class location : Baker Beach. From the north parking lot, walk down to the beach and towards the Golden Gate bridge. You will see a string of prayer flags set up to indicate our check-in station. See our graphic here .

What to bring: A beach towel or mat, warm layers, and water. Don't bring your nice yoga mat bc it will get sandy!

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