09. November 2019 - 20:00 till 21:00
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Go Ask Your Father | Endgames Improv South | Saturday, 09. November 2019

In Go Ask You Father, Stunt Dad answers your questions from childhood... with improv! After a long day at work, your parents were too busy, too tired, or just plain didn't want to encourage your wild imagination. Well here's your second chance, kiddo. Spend the evening with Stunt Dad as we act out the inane, the juvenile, and the heartfelt thoughts you didn't quite outgrow. Sure, we don't smell like Dad's bourbon or bake cookies as well as Mom, but we sure know how to entertain. Come to Endgames Training Center South to experience a little bit of home right here in San Francisco's Mission District.
Stunt Dad is Luisa Isbell, Wiley Kornbluh, Michael Scurries, Anthony Voutas, Peter Barna, Jordan Francis, and Noam Samuel.
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