10. February 2018 - 21:00
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HTID USA - San Francisco 2018 | The Regency Ballroom | Saturday, 10. February 2018

HTID crew!!

Get ready for another amazing weekend of ******** raving! At long last we are thrilled to announce that the next HTID USA will be Saturday February 10th at the beautiful Regency Ballroom in San Francisco!

HIXXY Morning Glory Set!
DOUGAL 20 Years of Dougal set!

Hosted By:
MC Nugget

Presales now available at htidusa2018.eventbrite.com !

Upgrade package availble now at https://htid-sf-upgrades.eventbrite.com !

All ages
21+ to drink

  • I might have an issue with the place we got for htid. Would anyone be able to help Minnie Ardalan and I with a spot if so? Just don't wanna be stranded in sf again.
  • Will anyone from DanceSafe be here?
  • So if we could get a surprise GAMMER and a Dougal, Styles, and GAMMER set OR a Tweekacore set as the surprise artist
  • Finally booked our air bnb! Seriously excited I haven't been to San Francisco since I was 18 and I was only on a 6 hour layover when I was moving to idaho! To be there with the ******** fam is gonna be amazing! Can it be February already?! Haha
  • I got the golden ticket!!
  • Flight's booked, hotel reserved. Just gotta get tickets/upgrade package and good to go ^_^
  • Got amped this morning, we all have that moment that malkes us bring tears to our eyes out of joy - I will be crying my *** off at this party... because MUSIC IS MY SAVIOR!
  • Been busy at work getting ready!
  • I see question marks and all think is put jason bouse or doughboy there
  • Hey guys, I know alot of you don't know me, but I'm looking for a place to crash. I'd rather not drop $200/night on a hotel or air b&b and would rather split costs with people. I know its a long shot, but im there the 9th-12th (I fly in friday and fly out monday). Much love to anyone who can help a girl out <3
  • My only goal for the weekend...to not get alcohol poisoning
  • Look for me at the event, will have some of these along with other special kandi let's trade!
  • ******** family! First and foremost, we would like thank everyone for standing by us. With that, we want to let you know that the HTID USA pre-party isn't going anywhere and is 100% still on!! We have taken the helm and have a lot of work ahead of us over the next few days to get everything in order. We are working tirelessly to make sure that the pre-party crew is properly warmed up for the main event and that nothing gets in the way of this weekend being anything less than legendary! Stay tuned over the next few days for all of the details and updates! - United In ********
  • Fresh New ********!! Check it out HTID Crew! Big love ----------------- Elysiums - A Beautiful Mind (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) ★★★★★★ |Preview| https://goo.gl/aEKYJU ★★★★★★ #BringingTheJustice
  • Can somebody recommend nearby cities to stay at also what district is the event in
  • heya fam! its prob been asked, but what hotel are most ya stayin at? :)
  • you guys should hold a dance competition at the event !!
  • What are songs you'd like to hear that are not by an artist on the lineup? Here's one request from me:
  • Hey all! I’m hoping to be making it out from Canada, any leads on a place to stay? I don’t know anything about the city so preferably near the venue and the cheapest but non-sketch option would be best.
  • Really hope a new htid pre party will be put up I already got my plane ticket for the 2 days
  • So I already bought a pre-sale ticket for the pre party. Will refunds be issued? Because I'm pretty sure it's not happening
  • Hello fellow ravers is anybody coming from the chico oroville area? I need a ride let me know plz! Htid is my birthday and i need to make it thank you plur.
  • Who can relate to S3RL's song: Rave Forever
  • We are saddened to hear about what has transpired today regarding Northkore’s lead promoter. We take all accusations of this nature very seriously and we will exercise due diligence in finding out the truth regarding this matter. This is being done primarily for our own knowledge as we cannot, in good conscience, affiliate ourselves with this type of behavior. That said, we would strongly encourage any victims to file reports with the local authorities as, thus far, we are not aware that any case has ever been made against the promoter. If a case has been made, please do not hesitate to contact us. Should anything beyond the information as it exists come to light, we will absolutely take the appropriate actions. There has also been an attempt to conflate concerns about Northkore’s professionalism with the aforementioned allegations. These seem to be very different issues and, in our opinion should be addressed separately. Given the vast number of artists that have played for Northkore, we did not foresee this as being an issue. If there are artists that have prior grievances with Northkore, we genuinely hope they are addressed by that company. At this time we will suspend further comments regarding this matter as we understand it has become litigious in nature. HTID USA
  • Tickets have been bought!!