23. January 2018 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Human Trafficking in SF: Documentary Screening and Expert Panel | Opera Plaza Cinema | Tuesday, 23. January 2018

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Popcorn and a drink will be included with the purchase of the $5.00 screening ticket. For information on ticket fee waivers, please contact events@polarisproject.org

On any given day modern slavery is happening in urban business districts, suburban strip malls, and rural towns across the US. You are likely to come across human trafficking on a daily basis without even knowing it. Join us for a documentary screening and conversation about human trafficking in public, widely transited, commercial front venues. Experts in the human trafficking field will discuss what you can do to take a stand and encourage local elected officials to prioritize the eradication of human trafficking. Come learn how to make a real difference in YOUR community and hear about the strategies task forces and organizations are using to combat modern slavery.

- Eddie Byun, Executive Director of Save My Seoul
- Minouche Kandel, SF Dept. on the Status of Women
- Antoniette Flores, Department of Public Health, code enforcement
- Cristy Dieterich, Program Manager at Newcomers CONNECT

Moderator: Rochelle Keyhan, Director of Disruption Strategies at Polaris

The documentary "Save My Seoul" delves into *** trafficking in Seoul, South Korea through interviews of traffickers, police, members of the general public, and *** trafficking survivors. The documentary exposes the realities of the global *** industry that enslaves women across the world as well as the cultural and structural realities that make certain populations more prone to being trafficked in Massage Parlors in the U.S.