19. January 2020 - 10:00
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"I Feel Good!"- A Chronic Illness Disease Prevention Program | Community Well | Sunday, 19. January 2020

I Feel Good! Program Summary
A transformative FREE 6 class program is open to families and individuals focuses on health and the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. This class is a family friendly event and kids can attend this class accompanied by an *****. The class will meet twice a month for a total of six weeks and will be held in English. Reserve your Eventbrite ticket now to start the enrollment process. We will contact you as soon as you claim an Eventbrite ticket!
* This program consists of a total of 6 classes and is made possible with funding from the SF Sugary Drinks Distributor Tax Community Funds *

Who Would Benefit from this Course?
- Are you interested in making a massive positive change in your health in 2020?
- Do you want to make these changes supported by an intensive learning model?
- Are you interested in receiving support around managing a chronic disease you have or reducing your chances of a receiving a chronic disease diagnosis?
- Are you looking to find a time, group, or community space to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and/or your family with support?
- Have you ever wondered about what natural methods of chronic disease prevention might be?
- Are you living in, near, or around the Excelsior District of San Francisco and desiring information around topics of natural health and wellness?
If this sounds like you and/or your family, then please reserve your Eventbrite ticket now to start to enroll and register!

What will you learn?

Program Dates & Description of topics covered:

*Sunday, January 19th: Chronic Illness Prevention Education w/ Holly Calica
*Sunday, January 27th: Nutrition For Chronic Illness Prevention w/ Angel Le
*Sunday, February 2nd: Healthy Cooking For The Family w/ Kahlilah Nelson
*Sunday, February 9th: Herbs For Health & Wellness w/ Holly Calica
*Sunday, February 16th: The Power Of Detoxing w/Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin

*Sunday, February 23rd: The Mind-Full Life w/Lindy Sin

What are people saying? 
- "I learned about how the food helps my body, it was hands on, interactive, we got to taste the foods and learn how they make us feel good!"
- "I can apply this knowledge from this program easily into my daily family life."
- "This program helped me understand that being healthy is a lifestyle, and that it can be fun!"

Who is facilitating?
Angel Le -Clinical Nutritionist Angel holds a Clinical Nutrition Certificate and offers Nutritional Consultations as well as Nutritional classes within the Peninsula and at Community Well. She carries nutrition as a passionate part of her small and growing family. 
Holly Calica -Clinical Herbalist - Holly Calica, Co-Founder of Luna Nueva Wellness Collective and Kalingafornia Laga, continues to bring her experience as an educator, artist, and herbalist to the San Francisco Bay Area. Her unique background as a Cultural Worker preserving Indigenous traditional knowledge, skills, and practices lends itself to participating in the revitalization of plant medicine and other cultural practices in our time. She revels in teaching all she has learned about plant medicine, self-massage bodywork, and spiritual healing in the community in order for the community to learn about self-care and self-healing. She has spent the last five years collaborating with others to provide holistic and integrated care in private practice, clinical work, and educational forums. Her current work is in mentoring community members in becoming herbalists to for the well being of all.
Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin- Prosperity Coach & Holistic Practitioner Jennifer is proud to have a practice that integrates two of her passions- Financial Education and Holistic Healing. She is a financial professional who helps individuals, families, & business owners to secure their financial futures. She also has an extensive background in the healing arts including: massage, aromatherapy, energy work, breathwork, & meditation. She feels very fortunate to have found a way to weave together her financial background, and her holistic arts background, to provide a unique service.
Kahlilah Nelson - Wellness & Food Educator Kahlilah has studied holistic nutrition for the last ten years, learning all about the miracle of food and the disease-fighting, life-supporting nutrients we can find in every **** + ways to cook, eat and be in community that support digestion, a sense of well being and better sleep. She is committed to help build a world where nourishing, delicious food and the healing joy of cooking is accessible to all of us.
Tereza Iñiguez Flores - Curandera & Life Coach For over 30 years, Tereza Iñiguez Flores has combined Mesoamerican (Curanderismo) traditional healing practices with contemporary healing arts. Integrative and intuitive, her work transforms the lives of individuals, couples, families and communities seeking to find a healthier and meaningful life; they find the inner knowledge of their true essence they need and are given the tools to solve their pressing issues in their day to day lives as they invite transformation. Reviving the true essence of the whole person by alleviating conflict, Flores offers a unique style of life coaching that uses a holistic approach to healing trauma, physical discomfort, illness, disconnection, soul loss and depression.  Giving them freedom to weave a colorful tapestry of self-acceptance, expression and connection with purpose.
Lindy Sin -Yoga Instructor Lindy's heart-based offerings are a doorway to get into a space with yourself and be present, real and human. She works with (sometimes the littlest) clients through physical asana practices, breathing, and meditation for a non-judgemental and fun journey on and off the mat. Her special interest is to offer yoga to kids, their families and caregivers in particular

***Reminder this is a family-friendly class series and kids are welcome to attend the class series with you!
*Attend all 6 classes & be entered to win one of two Samsung Galaxy Tablet A 7*
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"I FEEL GOOD" A Community Wellness Project!

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