09. August 2020 - 15:00 till 17:00
Conscious Dominance, San Francisco
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Inside Manifestation Magic: How to Manifest What You Really Want | Sunday, 09. August 2020

"My experience with conscious dominance was transformational – I got a chance to access and express parts of myself that I was not aware of or had previously kept hidden. The course guided me to embody my archetype as a powerful, independent woman, as well as helped me get clearer on my desires and visions. Stephanie is a wonderful coach who uses her feminine energy to create a safe and loving space, in order for her clients to grow and become who they are meant to be."- Sofie L.I.K.-What is Manifestation Magic?Manifestation Magic is the frequency that invites Creation and Money to play in resonance. It is the frequency that invites your inner shadows to integrate with your divine light. It is the frequency that invites your feminine and masculine to honor each other so that together they create beauty. In Manifestation Magic you will be asked to strip away old programming around Money, Success, Power, and Influence. To then stand in the pure joy that is You and Your Creation. From this place of Being and pure magic, You will draw in everything you’ve ever wanted. You will no longer feel the need to follow specific formulas to find success. You will no longer need to go against your natural creation cycles to attract clients, money, or love. You will no longer have to struggle to work hard to make Money. You will no longer have to carry the belief that your desire is too big, too small, too normal, or even non-existent.Instead you will feel the steadiness of being in your power. You will learn to surrender, listen, then take action. You will remember that you can follow your own intuition to know the next right action. You will realize that Money wants to support and help you actualize your deepest desires. If your body resonates with these words, Manifestation Magic could be for you. If your body relaxes with the thought that you do not have to "Do" anything to Receive exactly what you want, thenI invite you to join me as I guide you through the portal of Manifestation Magic. During this webinar I will: Guide you through the core principles of Manifestation Magic, including, Acceptance, Courage, Surrender, Inspired Action, etc. Help you start to become friends with your shadow so that it will serve your highest vision. Guide you to renew your relationship with Money so that Money can match your biggest visions. Provide you with rituals and practices that will support you in manifesting your desires. Are you ready to: Live for your pleasure, your purpose, your path? Say "No" to what no longer serves you? To live in alignment with your highest self? Show up powerfully when faced with a challenge? Be your number one advocate for fulfilling your desires?Allow Money to match your desires?If so, register today for this webinar that will introduce you to the Manifestation Magic program where I will guide an intimate group to become Sovereign Manifestor's and holders of their highest visions. Note: After registering you will receive an email confirmation with the link to the call. Check out the Free Manual: 12 Steps to Manifestation Magic, if your curious to know more! https://magic.consciousdominance.com/ABOUT STEPHANIEStephanie Almanzar is a nurse, Desire Coach and the founder of Conscious Dominance which is a hybrid of shadow and light work. She is a model of a woman who has been able to transform from a shy and timid girl, to a powerful and magnetic woman. A woman who is unwavering in her desire and is graciously receptive to receiving.Her focus in working with men and women is creating a space for them to feel fully supported in their biggest desires and visions. She she inspires those she works with to step into their power and own their experience by creating a life that they want in connection. She does this by helping her clients tap into their unconscious power and direct it toward creation, purpose and vision. Learn more at www.consciousdominance.comWHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT CONSCIOUS DOMINANCE:"What a beautiful thing it is to step into your power and the essence of you. Stephanie creates this beautiful space for you to dive deep into the inner workings of your energy. I was wonderfully surprised by what came up on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. It was such a magnetic and uplifting experience! Thank you!"-Michelle B. - "Stephanie has helped me rediscover the part of me that has been buried by years of drama via specific exercises and meditations to remove or reduce limiting beliefs. She is open-minded about discussing any topic that's necessary to help me achieve my goals, and as a result I've noticed changes in how I express and carry myself to be more in-line with the man I set out to be."- CHI J.L.-"The words to describe the profound impact working with Stephanie has had on me are not easily found. The safe, supportive, and honest space she holds, the example of truth and vulnerability she leads with, and the changes she inspires are real and immeasurable. She has a unique ability to not only meet you where you are but to also take you where you want to go. She is worth the cost and, more importantly, so are you."- Miranda L.D. -