16. September 2017 - 20:15
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Kirtan in the Castro ~ Every 3rd Saturday of the month! | Yoga Tree | Saturday, 16. September 2017

A sacred night to chant The names ecstatically, filling the room with sweet devotion, resting the weary mind and connecting with community. No frills, no judgement, no experience necessary. Simple and powerful Bhakti.
  • Thank you for coming out to chant last night. What an evening! ❤️ 🕉️
  • Hari Bol Beloved Souls! I'm so looking forward to chanting with you all tonight. Here is the link to sign up in advance. And remember, you can bring a loved one for FREE tonight. OM!
  • Looking forward to chanting with you all this Saturday at Yoga Tree Castro! It's a special evening and you can bring a loved one for FREE! Jaya Sita Ram! I'll have some dear friends joining the party... Nicholas & Rafa Sakellariou and Peter Walters. Come chant and join us in celebration of the Big love.
  • Last night was amazing! Thank you all for sharing your sweet devotion. I’ll see you for the next one February 17th. Until then... chant before you can’t. Hari Bol!
  • The link to tickets doesn't work Can't find the cyst listed anywhere:/
  • The link to tickets doesn't work Can't find the cyst listed anywhere:/
  • An auspicious day to raise our voices! March on, women! We chant & stand together.
  • Register via the Yoga Tree app or call YT Castro at 415.701.9642
  • Looking forward to chanting with you all tomorrow night! Hari Bol!
  • Thank you to everyone that joined in the Bhava tonight ~ incredibly sweet to chant with you all! Thank you Sita Devi for your radiance and voice. Find her weekly at Yoga Tree Telegraph on Thursday evenings. Some of those chants are available for free download at www.natkendall.com/music Hari Bol!
  • Totally there in heart and spirit. I can hear y'all singing from here. xoxo
  • Chanters, mantra lovers and Bhaktas... join us tonight in song and devotion. Informal, sweet and a lovely place to spend a Saturday night with such good company. Sita Devi will be joining to make it even sweeter tonight. Hari Om. 🌺
  • Can't wait to chant with you all this Saturday! I'll be joined by my dear friend, Sita Devi. This is the last one I'm doing in 2018... join us as we venture towards a new, extraordinary year. Om Namo Bhagavate! Thank you for all the blessings of today.
  • This looks amazing!! Kid friendly??;)
  • A new melody for you... sharing the Bhava from an ocean of Love. We'll likely do this one at the next Kirtan. Let me know what you think... Radhe Radhe! <3
  • Super excited that the talented Gabrielle Jones will be joining Saturday! This will be an exquisite and lively night of chanting! PLEASE share this event with anyone who may be interested... I want to make sure the community knows there is a space to gather and chant on the third Saturday of every month. Hari Bol!
  • Hari Bol! Looking forward to chanting with you all this Saturday. Bolo Bolo! <3
  • If anyone captured photos or videos from last night, please share here! And, find Sita Devi at Yoga Tree Telegraph every Thursday at 7:15pm for her weekly Kirtan. Radhe Radhe!
  • Thank you all for such a magical evening, chanting with you fills my heart to the brim. 💗🕊 Please feel free to download any of my recorded chants for free here: https://natkendall.bandcamp.com
  • Can't wait to sing these beautiful mantras with you tonight! You don't need to bring anything other than your sweet voice as we fill Yoga Tree Castro with love and devotion. Blankets, bolsters, cushions and everything else is provided. This is a kid friendly gathering as well. Jai Sita Ram!
  • Looking forward to chanting with you all this Saturday at Yoga Tree Castro. We'll have a special guest, Sita Devi joining us! Here's one of the chants we'll be offering. Jai Sri Krishna!
  • 🙏🏽 Deep thanks to all those who came tonight ~ joining our voices was divine. Here is a link to download some chants I've recorded: http://www.natkendall.com/music
  • You, me, a drum and the most beautiful names of God & Goddess. S A N K I R T A N tonight at YogaTree Castro! ~ Where we gather collectively with F E E L I N G, F A I T H and L O V E to cry out in adoration and reverence -- that we ourselves may become more connected by tapping into this Bhav as a community. Simple, raw and with pure devotion. 8:15pm! Please share the invite with your friends if you think this practice would interest them. Om Bolo Shri Satguru Bhagavan Ki Jai!
  • Tomorrow doesn't work for me but on my calendar for October!
  • Can't wait to come another time... teaching Chakra Yoga Flow at Soul Play this weekend. Hari Bol my bro! 🕉🎶❤️