25. September 2020 - 12:00
Purusha Yoga School, San Francisco
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Manifest Your Destiny: Personal & Professional Development | Friday, 25. September 2020


- What guides you?

- What it is you truly believe in?

- What you are made of and what nourishes your deepest sense of

who you are?

- What it is you are here for?

- What you really want out of this wonderful ride called life?

This course is a deep dive into your individual and professional growth. According to Yogic Philosophy we have all been given certain circumstances in this life (karma) and we all have the opportunity to ignite our dharma (intelligent destiny). In this course you will learn deep truths about your personal journey in this lifetime and how to take that big picture into daily choices. The future is yours to create! You will explore your own connections to personal source, lifework and overall life's mission. You will also identify a specific community, project of passion or population of which you are dedicated to serving. You will develop specific steps toward connecting with other health professionals, creating a one year business plan and utilizing new skills gained in this workshop in the areas of business, ethics, communication, marketing and development.

The course provides a personalized vedic astrology overview and a clear understanding of how this knowledge of your personal chart may influence your professional path. Learn specific 5-element rituals, yantras, puja and mantras for manifestation and realizing one's dharma. This course will spark your imagination, creativity and career.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

- Demonstrate a clear understanding of Life’s work

- Establish personal connection and ongoing growth to one’s source, regular practice and yogic lifestyle

- Demonstrate and articulate a thorough understanding of the basics of vedic astrology, and its history

- Apply basic knowledge of one’s own personal vedic astrology into personal and professional life

- Distinguish specific population(s) of specialization and service

- Discuss scope of practice, benefits and specifics of yoga therapy

with other health professionals

- Communicate clear professional statement

- Identify potential partner organizations

- Establish a plan for collaboration with partner organizations, target populations, community.

- Apply 8 limb practices, rituals, yantra and intentions to daily personal practices

- Design appropriate rituals for clients needs using 5 elements, 5 kosha, 5 vayus

- Demonstrate deep knowledge and utilization of Ethical, Legal, Business, Networking, and Marketing

- Present a basic outline of a first year business plan for applying

yoga therapy to one community, population or within a partner



General Attendance (workshop only): TBD

300-Hour / Specialized Certification: TBD

This is an elective course that may be used toward completion of our 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training or Holistic Yoga Coach Certification. Save money by registering as a 300-Hr YTT.

More Info: https://www.purushayoga.org/manifest-your-destiny