20. January 2020 - 9:00
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ONAP500 Bootcamp (San Francisco) | | Monday, 20. January 2020

ONAP Certified ONAP Professional Training
This five day course is designed for technologist at telecom operators or technology vendors who wish to take the Certified ONAP Professional exam. The course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of core architectural concepts around the ONAP project, its use cases, design-time and run-time projects, OSS/BSS interfaces, what to expect from upcoming releases and how to get involved. The course is mostly hands-on and the labs include: API/CLI use, VNF onboarding (heat & TOSCA), NS design, NS orchestration, VNF config and LCM, policy, closed-loop automation, and troubleshooting. The course is taught by engineers experienced in ONAP. 
The 5-day curriculum is as follows:

Day 1: Overview and CLI/API labs

Day 2: Use cases and design labs 

Day 3: Orchestration and lifecycle management labs

Day 4: DCAE and closed-loop automation labs

Day 5: Policy design and troubleshooting labs