15. August 2019 - 19:00 till 20:30
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Peña Pachamama Live Music, Organic Food & Speakeasy Tour (individual/group) | Peña Pachamama | Thursday, 15. August 2019

This North Beach Organic Food, Live Music & Historic Speakeasy Tour is special for local San Franciscans and tourists alike. Peña Pachamama is one of the Bay area's hidden treasures and an offbeat gathering place for great musicians, artists and dancers. The tour includes choice of entree, choice of appetizer or dessert and some music and tales of the Speakeasy.
The story of Peña Pachamama, still open after 20 years as a magical, musical world music restaurant in the heart of San Francisco’s tourist-happy North Beach neighborhood follows a path of the heart, a successful transformation of a space which used to be San Francisco’s most historic speakeasy, and then a beloved Italian eatery called Amelio’s. Clark Gable fell in love here with Carole Lombard, some while before Joe DiMaggio enjoyed his wedding dinner with Marilyn Monroe. John & Robert Kennedy, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Babe Ruth and boxer Rocky Marciano were among some of the personalities that frequented this landmark location. Robin Williams declared the wildly rhythmic nightspot "the kind of place even the Amish would dance.” 
The owners, who are international touring artists, will tell stories from this Speakeasy's 100 year past in one of this country's most notorious neighborhoods during the Gold Rush and how they came to be here. They will play some music and even invite the guests to join them on stage for the last songs so if you are a musician or a music lover, you are invited to bring along your instrument to join in.
Peña Pachamama is being transformed into a full cultural center for world music and the arts. It is in the process of being recreated as a new public non-profit organization, Peña Pachamama - Center for World Music, Culture and the Arts. Your presence will greatly support this transition.

“San Francisco is a city of 'it' places. And Peña Pachamama has always been one of those places in the city,”         -Hon. Mayor Willie Brown, 7x7
“I just love the music, whether it’s new style or old style, the music played here is hard to find anywhere else.”          -Stanlee Gatti, 7x7
“For our Mother Earth and all of us, North Beach’s Peña Pachamama: the cuisine, the music, and the atmosphere all say the same thing, love is the way.” -Dr. Will Tuttle, author The World Peace Diet
“We have been blessed on going on several food tours throughout the world . . . we went to 5 locations and my favorite by far was Peña Pachamama - food incredible - owners are Grammy winners and have a great story - you will feel like you are at a higher vibrational level when you leave there - worth its weight in gold - loved it!!”                 -Debbie F., Texas
Cocktails, sangria, wine, beers, mimosas, horchata, teas and coffee available for purchase