03. September 2017 - 10:00
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San Francisco Ecstatic Dance | The Church of 8 Wheels | Sunday, 03. September 2017

2/25 - Sharu (Nevada City)
Yoga: Sally Morton

Internationally acclaimed clutch dj for when you need to get it just right, a dancers dj, Sharu’s sound pushes you to the limits liberating your mind, body and buddhi. Studied in many genres of electronic music since the late 90’s, Sharu’s has a seasoned ear for blending a dynamic journey unifying any dance floor. He is among the most sought-after DJs in the conscious dance movement playing Ecstatic Dances world-wide. In between performances he holds a Vedic Astrology consulting practice and assists people with yoga and meditation to align them with their highest potential and destiny.

10-11am - Yoga Class
(1st Sun of the Month = Contact Improv Class)
11-1pm - Ecstatic Dance
1pm - Closing Meditation
1:05pm - Closing Circle

@ The Church of 8 Wheels
554 Fillmore St. (& Fell)
San Francisco, CA

Movement ~ Music ~ Community
or Multiple Discounted Circle Dance Pass

Passes available at the Door
Cash or Card
Price includes Class & Dance

Free Dance: Your Birthday Week !!!
Kids are welcome, and free with a Parent or Guardian.
Volunteers arrive at 9am or stay after to help.

Expect an Eclectic, Emotional, Powerful, Playful, Seductive, and Sensitive Journey. There will be Something for Everyone Here.

Ecstatic Dance is A Freeform Movement Journey DJ'd with Modern Bass Music spanning all Genres, Tempos, Emotions, and Intensities. You are Welcome and Accepted as You Are, in this Judgement Free, Open Community.

There are 3 simple Guidelines to maintain a Safe and Sacred Space together.
1. No Talking on the Dancefloor
2. Move as You Wish
3. Respect the Space (which includes no Shoes, Booze, Phones, Perfumes, and each other's Space

Future Dances:
3/4 - Alxndr (East Bay)
Contact Improv: Gabriel Francisco
Ean Golden
Yoga and Sound Healing: Annie Anton
3/18 TBD
3/25 Sasha Rose

Previous Dances:
10/1 - Avani Tyler
Contact Improv: Ean Golden
10/8 - Ra So
Yoga - Nat Kendall (NatKendall.com)
10/15 - DJ Vedma
Yoga - Melissa Whippo (MelissaWhippo.com)
10/22 - Omar Aena (NYC)
Chakra Yoga Flow - Melissa Whippo
10/29 - Gabriel Francisco
Yoga Flow - Lucia Grace
11/5 - CUTTaRUGG
Contact Improv: Avani Tyler
11/12 - Ean Golden (SF)
Yoga: Jess Dugan
11/19 - Avani Tyler (Fairfax)
Yoga: Skye Bird
11/26 - DJ Dakini (AUS)
Yoga: Ciara Romina Paguyo
12/3 - Neptune (Nevada City)
Contact Improv: Raina Satori
12/10 - Hamid Martin (Santa Cruz)
Yoga: Christina Sava
12/17 - Erothyme (Denver)
Chakra Yoga: Melissa Whippo
12/24 - **FREE DANCE** Avani Tyler (Fairfax)
Gentle Yoga Flow: Lucia Grace
Community Gathering & Potluck at The Center (next door) after Dance
12/31 - DJ Dakini (AUS)
Doubles Yoga: Tyler Blank
1/14 - ALIA (East Bay Area)
Yoga: Sarah Allison (Outdoor Yoga SF)
1/21 - Sol Rising (LA)
Yin Yoga Flow: Lucia Grace
1/28 - Kaminanda (San Diego)
Yoga: Sally Morton
2/4 - Scott Nice (Nevada City)
Contact Improv: Ean Golden
2/11 - Gabriel Francisco (SF)
Yoga: Aiyisha Castillo
2/18 - Vesica (Berlin)
Yoga: Lucia Grace