23. June 2018 - 12:00
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San Francisco Impact Partners Personal Hygene Care Package Events | | Saturday, 23. June 2018

We are organizing and hosting care package events to provide personal care essentials and resource guides to help navigate our neighbors to safety, dignity, and opportunity. We are establishing partnerships with local businesses non-profits and city agencies to do more. We will work to END homelessness. We will do this by ensuring access to personal storage; navigating people to showers, bathrooms, and laundry. With these basic needs met, we can focus on helping people make the connection to getting proper care, training, shelter, jobs, and housing.Together we will “CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR SAN FRANCISCANS TO SUCCEED.”Our goal is $500,000 in 2019. We are raising money by selling t-shirts, caps and collecting change at local events and retailers and through generous donations from community leaders, partner organizations, and special individuals like you. 

We will work to END homelessness. ...and we will do it in a way that re-builds our local economy.We will support local businesses, help to create jobs, new business and re-activate community. We will organize to provide training and supportive navigation.  We are recruiting volunteers, engaging potential new partners, and of course, we are very appreciative of financial from individual donors.Every bit will make a difference, so go ahead and make a pledge. Will you join us?  Now more than ever our community needs the support of strong partners. San Francisco Impact Partners is here to build those relationships. Our mission is to close the gaps that exist supportive resources and infrastructure for San Francisco’s who are most in need.We will work to END homelessness. Together we will accept and distribute donations of vital resources:Goods for Personal Care PackagesLuggage and Containers for Personal Affects ConsolidationEssential Clothing for Safety and SuccessTogether we will raise funds to build supportive infrastructure for:Personal Storage, 24/7/365 Hygiene Access (Showers, Bathrooms, Laundry), Access to Power & Technology Together we will work to re-build community and provide supportive navigation in partnership with local service providers:Health Services and Addiction CounselingWorkforce Development and Shelter Housing/AccessCivic Engagement and Educational OpportunitiesSAN FRANCISCO IMPACT PARTNERS IS SET ON A PATH TO BECOME AN INDEPENDENT 501 C3 ORGANIZATION. YOUR DONATION IS A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION TO A. PHILLIP RANDOLF INSTITUTE OF SAN FRANCISCO FOR SAN FRANCISCO IMPACT PARTNERS. NO GOODS OR SERVICES WERE PROVIDED TO YOU IN CONSIDERATION OF YOUR GIFT. A. PHILLIP RANDOLF INSTITUTE OF SAN FRANCISCO IS A 501(C)(3) TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATION FOR BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE PURPOSES AND PROVIDES SERVICES SUCH AS FIDUCIARY OVERSIGHT, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, AND OTHER STAFF AND ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES TO SAN FRANCISCO IMPACT PARTNERS. AS A 501(C)(3) NON-PROFIT, A. PHILLIP RANDOLF INSTITUTE OF SAN FRANCISCO IS ABLE TO RECEIVE GRANTS AND TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS AND GIFTS ON BEHALF OF SAN FRANCISCO IMPACT PARTNERS. A. PHILLIP RANDOLF INSTITUTE OF SAN FRANCISCO FEDERAL TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER IS 20-3787594