18. July 2020 - 13:00 till 14:30
Tickets finden, San Francisco
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San Francisco Summer 2020 Plant Swap | Saturday, 18. July 2020


This is a physical event hosted in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. We will re-evaluate this date if the situation is still not deemed safe for a physical event closer to July.


Seed and Soul Club is excited to host our Summer Plant Swap!

---- About a Safe Event ----

- Please bring and wear your mask

- Please stay home if were recently sick, is currently sick, or feel like you might be sick

- Please reserve your spot with a $10 paid Eventbrite ticket

- We trust in each and every one of you to be responsible members of community, and to take care of yourselves and each other

----- About the Swap -----

- 10am - 11.30am

- Your spot is secured through a paid $10 Eventbrite ticket. Your Facebook 'attending' label does not guarantee a spot.

- Attendance capped at 30.

- Bring potted plants and/or cuttings

- Plants should be labeled with plant name and your name

- Plants must be pest-free.

- Leased, well-behaved furry friends are welcomed!

The way the swap works: ⁠

You bring a plant ?, you get ticket(s) ?️ per plant, you bid for other plants ?? using that ticket, and you walk home ? with new plant. The more plants you bring, the more tickets you get!

----- About Seed and Soul Club -----

SS is a plant people club. It sprung up from a desire to spread joy through plants and community events. We host a plant swap every season ❄️?☀️?., and virtual workshops every few weeks.


----- About our Collaborators -----

Lucky Draw Benefactor ?:: Ricardo Buzo of @laselvaz

Mother of Pies ?: : Julia Wang of Julia's Pies

Photographer Extraordinaire ?: Sindhu Palaniappan