10. December 2018 - 19:30 till 22:00
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Smash Mondays: Comedy, Beer, Casual Video Game Tournaments | Brewcade | Monday, 10. December 2018

One part nerd, one part slurred, Super Trashed Bros. brings together comedy, video games, and alcohol, at a super rad bar in San Francisco. Join comedians Justin Gomes (Sylvan Productions) and Tirumari Jothi (Komedio Comedy), as well as streamer Derek Lipkin and a panel of merrymakers, as they virtually battle amongst themselves while physically battling show is a tournament. And drinking JaRules apply! And audience participation is essential! Both our live crowd and our online viewers (on !) can suggest new JaRules and gags. And for the most enthusiastic, positive, and over-the-top audience member, we will award the Goodsportsmiibo, a random Nintendo amiibo of our choosing! Power up, throw down, and push buttons (in more ways than one)!

TOURNEY FORMAT: It's usually Smash Bros. game, sometimes it's N64, sometimes it's Smash 4, **** we'll probably do a Project M night soon! Rarely, it's pinball or some other cabinet game, keep an eye on our FB page to find out what we're playing that week.
Super Smash Bros JaRules:2-Stock! Items On (Low)! Double Elimination! (Fights will be fast; if you lose your first match, stick around! You still have one more chance!)To participate, sign up on Challonge! You can also show up early and get in the tournament, but spots may be limited! Remember: The earlier you sign up, the higher your seeding in bracket (and the better your chance of winning)!Who: Justin Gomes, Tirumari Jothi, and Derek LipkinWhere: 2200 Market Street, B, San Francisco, CA 94114Cost: FreeAge: 21+