03. September 2019 - 18:30 till 21:30
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The Wisdom Race w/ Joshua Fields | Make School | Tuesday, 03. September 2019

Modern civilization is in unprecedented turmoil. Our ecological systems are failing, our oceans are warming, politics is polarising while nationalism is propagating. Many believe we are fast approaching climate and societal breakdown, an accelerating disaster unfolding before our eyes, with all of the scientific expertise to diagnose the extent of our problems but none of the political courage to enact the changes necessary to transcend them. Meanwhile, humans are becoming exponentially more powerful through technology, whilst our level of wisdom is not keeping the pace, giving rise to a horizon of existential risks.
We are at a critical juncture as a species. Do we evolve, or do we go extinct?
How might we up-level our consciousness to increase the likelihood of the former?
Joshua Fields, the Executive Director of Consciousness Hacking, will explore the connection between consciousness and collapse, exploring what we can learn from failed civilizations of the past and how we might harness modern tools, systems and narratives to transform human behaviour and win the wisdom race.
Joshua Fields is Executive Director of Consciousness Hacking, a global community in over 50 cities focused on the intersection of modern technologies, ancient wisdom and human flourishing. He holds degrees from Oxford University and CIIS, and in a former life was a Morgan Stanley analyst and Scottish amateur boxer.
6:30pm: Arrive and mingle 
7:00pm: Welcome and connection activity 
7:15pm: Joshua Fields
8:15pm: Breakout Sessions 
9:15pm: Closing

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