21. August 2020 - 19:00 till 21:00
Tickets finden, San Francisco
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XBOOM | Friday, 21. August 2020

Charles Xavier, drums & synthesizers; Clifford Brown III, trumpet; Matt Montgomery, electric guitar & violin

XBOOM is a creative music project that brings in electronic artistry to traditional jazz improvisation. The concert is layers upon layers of sonic exploration with sound cycles, spoken word, lead trumpet with brass FX manipulations, guitar and violin excursions of sound and counterpoint, and percussive interplay. Each artist is equipped with electronic looping devices that enable them to capture and orchestrate loop cycles and digital FXs showcasing improvisation at a whole new level.

Ultimately, the audience experiences a new vanguard sound that extends the possibilities of sound manipulation. Sometimes ambient and expansive, other times it is fusion and out-of-box cool injected with humor and satire.

This living project is in its third year of progression for this ****, being led by Charles Xavier, and featuring Clifford Brown III and Matt Montgomery.