12. September 2020 - 12:00
The Genius of Flexibility Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
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Resistance Flexibility Certification / Weekend Training | Saturday, 12. September 2020

The Genius of Flexibility introduces the Resistance Flexibility™ (RF) training of Bob Cooley. Resistance Flexibility advances and unites physical therapy, yoga, personal training, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, and Genetic Personality Type theory.

This Level I Certification is open to all ages, abilities, and levels of experience. The only prerequisite is an interest! This is a great way to be introduced to Resistance Flexibility for personal or professional gain.

Resistance Flexibility is a unique, hands-on modality used to develop athletes and performers, rehabilitate the severely and ordinarily injured, and help people of all walks of life achieve their goals. Based on an original biomechanical and energetic analysis of the body and personality, RF achieves unprecedented results.

This intensive is designed to introduce participants to the concepts, principles, and practice of RF. This includes basic self stretches, basic assisted stretches, mashing, and an introduction to the physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual upgrades that RF can facilitate.

Learn more and register at: https://www.thegeniusofflexibility.com/events/santa-barbara-ca-level-i-certification-2020-09-12.html