20. October 2018 - 8:30
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Living Life on Purpose October - 1440 Multivesity Nestled in the California Eedwoods near Santa Cruz | 1440 Multiversity | Saturday, 20. October 2018

Being in alignment with yourself means knowing what you value and what is most important to you. It means being clear on your principles, your vision, your limiting beliefs, the roles you play in your life, and listening to the voice in your heart that always guides you right.

The Living Life on Purpose journey is an extraordinary two days of exploring together, what it means it means to live life with conscious intention, purpose and choice. You will get plenty of time to walk, enjoy fresh air and relax.
The two day session is designed to walk the group through 11 thought provoking questions that allow greater understanding of what it means to be aligned and in integrity with oneself and/or one's work. Through reflection, coaching, small group and large group discussions, breakouts, walks in nature, and time outside, each person walks away with a plan. This one page, consolidated plan consists of:  

Your top values and understanding of their importance in your life
The roles you play and identification of the most prominent role in your life this coming year
Goals and intentions for each role 
Old and New beliefs to change patterns of limiting beliefs,
A deep assessment of how you’re spending your resources and an opportunity to re-architect your allotment
Identification of a posse of people to support in times of need, and
Optionally, a community of support and on-going learning every month after you leave (for six months)

All of this is tracked in a workbook that guides you through the process and captures every reflection, question, answer, vision and ideas.  We also have other surprises that are given during the sesion that support the alignement to your purpose.
Since our last session in February, participants have taken specific and sustained measures to improve their health, some have even changed jobs or careers to be more aligned with their soul's purpose and the gifts they bring to the world, many have improved relationships with loved ones and some have started new businesses!  All participants walk away with the clarity of what is truly important to them and a road map on how to cut out the noise and distractions.  They have new discernment skills on how to use their energy and talent to focus on alignment and purpose.
Here are a few stories from our participants:
"I entered into [this program] with the pedestrian plan to refine my year's business plan but I left with a whole new outlook on how to approach my life from the largest goals down to the daily routine. I feel much more energized and excited about tackling the hard projects I have in front of me.”
"Tina has played a significant role in developing me not only as a leader but as a father, husband and all around better person. I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in her incredible program, "Living Life on Purpose". This program is an absolute game changer! It challenges you to think bigger picture and wake up with a clear and exciting purpose. The journey that she takes you on through the course is well designed and very thoughtful. It identifies the core of what limits you and then helps you break through and begin living life with a much bigger purpose. I've been through many programs, this is by far, one of the best I've been through!"“What impressed me immediately is Tina’s ability to create a safe welcoming space. It fosters the ability to enter into the vulnerable places necessary to truly do the work necessary for personal growth. Her keen insight into the human condition and honesty helped direct my gaze to the spots in need of work so efficiently, that I feel she helped me bypass what may have taken months to come to on my own.”
"Recently Tina facilitated Living Life on Purpose for my Sr.Dir and Director team in Carmel,CA. Everyone of us walked away with a deep impact that is still being felt.  Tina and her capable team are thoughtful; have deep insight into today's dynamic world and keenly aware of human needs and seamlessly blend the these elements creating a tight container for personal and professional growth. #grateful"
Living Life on Purpose is by far one of the most unique and powerful workshops I have experienced!  The program really challenged me to take a deeper look at my values and determine if I’m operating with integrity, with myself.  As a result, I reshaped my values, which feels more authentic and provides even more clarity! Besides the overall program content, Tina DeSalvo and the program coaches created an environment that is non-judgmental, caring, supportive and safe. They are truly an amazing crew!  I walked away with applicable nuggets and a life map that I created and am now executing—all this from a 2-day, very manageable and easy to consume workshop!  And to top it off…the 2 days consisted of taking breaks, time to reflect outdoors and walks in nature!  I felt refreshed, recharged and renewed after this profound experience.  This workshop is a MUST DO!
Timing: Day one starts at 8:30am and ends around 4:00pm.   Day two starts at 8:00 am and ends by 2pm. We ask that everyone be respectful of these timings and not leave early as the process requires 11 steps and it takes the full amount of time to finish all steps. You will have plenty of time to visit the spa or take a walk Saturday after our session. (We recommend you book in advance.) 
As we get closer to the date, we may schedule an optional meet and greet Friday night to meet our fellow participants and drop in together.  We will keep you posted.
Important Info: Please know that the weather in the Bay Area can change dramatically throughout the day. In summer you should be prepared for anything from 85 degrees and sunny to 50 degrees and foggy, all in one day. Please bring layers and dress comfortably. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during the retreat. We will be using the property to take advantage of the spacious outdoors and fresh air. We will spend time in nature on Sunday morning which includes hiking trails of all levels, including all flat to very strenuous.  This really expands the intuitive process of tapping into what's really wanting to be noticed by and for you. Please bring hiking shoes and appropriate layers for 50 degree weather and warmer.   Hiking shoes are recommended (something with a better grip on the bottom) than flat sneakers especially if you're doing the hill hikes.
Accomodations:  We are very excited to be partnering with 1440 Multiversity to host our event.  If you haven't heard about it alredy, please browse around  and get a feel for the beautiful and abundant landscape we get to enjoy during our journey.  Surrounded by redwoods, away from distractions, we will be supported by nature as we do our soul's work.  Your event ticket and room rate includes access to free daily yoga and meditation class, a gym, soaking tubs, steam rooms, hiking trails and fire pits.  For extra pampering, you can schedule a healing arts treatment at the spa (at an additional cost.)  
By August 15th, this site will be updated with the group name and number you can call to book your accomodations.  Bay Area locals, we are highly encouraging you to stay overnight at least on Saturday night.  Staying in the energy and space with each other and the process, and away from our day to day, accelerates the truth telling process and allows us to hear what's dying to get our attention.  There is limited space for commuters and we're really encouraging to to stay.  A blockage of 20 rooms are being held for our group and after the 20 are gone, discounts will be offered on what is remaining.  Some rooms are shared and some are single.  You can go as fancy or as basic as you want.  We have held the following but you may downgrade or upgrade to meet your needs when you call and they will give you the lower or higher cost to do so.
Our block includes rooms that start at $240 - $320 per person per night - some with private baths, some shared.  Again, you can downgrade or upgrade as you see fit outside of our room block to accomodate your needs and budget.  Suites with fireplaces usually run for about $475 a night, and you book a single gender pod space (check them out - they're awesome!) with a shared bathroom for as low as $140 a night (avg.)
Meals:   Your event ticket and room rate also includes three meals a day in a communal dining hall, which will meet all dietary needs.  
Cancellations and Refunds: We understand that people have to cancel. We have found that as soon as people register for the session, the work actually starts. It sends a signal to our deeper self that we care, we want to listen, and we want to be in alignment. Pay attention to any distractions that want to lure you away from doing this work. We encourage you to be super sensitive to cancelling. Notice why you want to cancel; are you potentially shutting down an opening that was ready for exploration?  Do you have a hard time putting yourself first and are afraid?  That said, we do understand that extenuating circumstances come up!  Sometimes cancelling has to be done. 
We are here to serve and believe in our mission.   When we live our life on purpose, we take responsibility for sharing our best self and we become more somatically intelligent (another way of saying in tune with our inner wisdom and knowing)... When we're more somatically intelligent, we can contribute in the most beneficial and beautiful ways.  Our lives, our family, our community, our organizations, all flourish because of it.  We would be honored to work with you on your journey to living life on purpose!
If you can't make this session, please sign up for alerts for future sessions here: