07. January 2020 - 19:00
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Beginner Belly Dance Jan 7 - Feb 11 | Theater Puget Sound (TPS) - Armory | Tuesday, 07. January 2020

Using both slow movements and fast steps we’ll get you dancing in your first class! Learn all the basic tribal belly dance steps in a six-week cycle incorporating core strength and posture. Plus, intro to zils (finger cymbals). This class is perfect for learning the foundations of ATS® Belly Dance. It is also the ideal class for those of you that have NEVER Belly Danced before.  No prior experience needed.Suitable for men & women!American Tribal StyleⓇ (ATSⓇ) Belly Dance is characterized by dancing with one or more dancers, emphasis on posture, structured improvisation, clear concise music and "Gypsy" style costumes. There is a basic language of movements used with cues and transitions. American Tribal StyleⓇ is a very empowering, earthy style of belly dance.Its roots can be traced to the dances that evolved as the Gypsies traveled through India, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Spain...the Romany Trail.As a student of Culture Shakti, you will be gently guided along your dance journey. By gracefully enjoying each step of the way, you will progress at the pace that is best suited for you. Our students shine when it's showtime!What to wear for ATSⓇ Belly Dance: Full skirt (required), hip scarf, short top (or tank top). Bare feet or dance slippers only in dance studio (We recommend black canvas ballet slippers.) You will also need a pair of zils (finger cymbals). Student Zills are available for purchase in class for $20 cash only or Venmo to KatrinaJi
(Optional) Purchase your zills & class attire here:
Saroyan Afghani Zills - FCBD Signature
Tribal Basics Set - Flying Skirts
FREE PARKING: Free Parking available on Taylor/5th. Put Brellas in your GPS to find the street with all the free parking. Only 2 blocks from the Armory.
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